Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 164 – All You Need to Know

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 164

“Rent A Girlfriend” Chapter 164 is almost out and about, and with it came a lot of emotions for both the characters from the story as well as the readers. The highly anticipated “Rent A Girlfriend” Chapter 164 will probably be the end of the cheer-up date, and it also seems to mark a change in the relationship between Mizuhara and Kazuya. “Rent A Girlfriend” by Reiji Miyajima has certainly become one of the more popular Harem Manga and Anime of recent times. In this article, we’ll be looking into the release date of the “Rent A Girlfriend” Chapter 164 and will also be discussing the possibilities of the upcoming chapter.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 163 | Recap

In the latest chapter, we see Mizuhara trembling while playing with the fireworks and a disheartened Kazuya staring at her back. Kazuya, who had thought that the cheer-up date with Mizuhara was going well and that he was finally able to let her enjoy something instead of thinking about her Grandmother, realized that wasn’t the case. He was reminded that Mizuhara is the type of person who shoulders everything by herself and still manages to entertain others. Feeling both hurt and incompetent at the fact that no matter what he does, he can’t reach out to her, he starts wondering why he’s trying so hard.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 164
The Possible End Of The Mizuhara And Kazuya Ship.

Mizuhara, who has been there for him no matter what the occasion and had gone through with many of his selfish requests, is going through a rough time, but he’s basically doing nothing. Kazuya then starts realizing that Kazuya was always and will always be a client in Mizuhara’s eyes and nothing more. For the first time, we see Kazuya actually clearly understanding and accepting that he loves Mizuhara. On the other hand, Mizuhara tells him that the way he took her to date was perfect and that any girl would fall for him. With the last firework burnt out and Mizuhara getting ready to leave, this time, it felt like it was for the final time; Kazuya stops her.

The last panel of the chapter ends with Kazuya starting a sentence, but the complete sentence isn’t said out loud. Instead, we are left with a monologue of him talking about it as if he was reminiscing about it. He claimed he himself hasn’t been able to figure out why he said what he said at that moment.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 164 | Release Date And Predictions

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 164 will be released on the 11th of November 2020, which is a Wednesday. For those of you who want to try checking out Rent A Girlfriend Manga, then you can try the Crunchyroll Manga App or the Official Website. The Manga has also been adapted into an Anime Series; the second season will be airing soon.

In the upcoming chapter, we will probably be seeing an extremely touching moment between Mizuhara and Kazuya. From the looks of it, the ship might not sail, but it’s definitely going to grow their bond, as right now, Kazuya isn’t trying to become Mizuhara’s boyfriend but instead her crutch. He wants her to stop hiding her hurt feelings and just wants her to let it all out, he is probably going to say something very Kazuya like, and it will be an extremely good chapter.