Redo Of Healer Anime Adaptation to Arrive Early 2021, Release Date and Updates

Redo Of Healer Anime

The Light Novel Series, Redo Of Healer ( Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi), has been confirmed for an Anime Adaptation. If you heard about the Anime, but don’t know what it’s all about it or if you’re already a fan wondering when the show is going to air, then you’ve come to the right place. The Light Novel Series has been steadily gaining popularity for the past couple of years, and now it’s finally become big enough for an Anime Adaptation. In this article, we will discuss the Release Date and all the other available information regarding the Anime Series.

Plot Overview | Redo Of Healer

The story is set in a fantasy RPG world where people are assigned to special classes, like the Healer or the Knight. In this world, Keyaru, a man from the Healer Class, was made to believe that the Healer Class is the most useless and pathetic class. Abused and Betrayed under this premise, Keyaru wasted a good portion of time until he discovers that the Healer Class’s potential goes beyond what people think.

Redo Of Healer

Using his newly harnessed powers, Keyaru uses healing powers on the earth to return four years back in time to redo his life. He can now redo all his past mistakes and take revenge on all the people who had abused him and tortured him. The story is from one of those “Revenge Fantasy” genres and has become one of the fan favorites in a brief period.

About The Announcements | Redo Of Healer

The Anime Adaptation of Redo Of Healer ( Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi) has been announced to begin airing in January of 2021 and will be handled by Studio TNK. The Anime series will be premiering on Tokyo MX and AT-X. The Official Website has also released the Anime’s first Promo Video and the Key Visual.

Takuya Asaoka will direct the anime series ‘Redo Of Healer,’ and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will write the script for the Anime Series. Junji Gotou will be taking care of the Character Designs for the Anime.

Cast Announced For The Anime Include

Hozumi Yuya

He will be voicing the main character, “Keyaru.” Hozumi Yuya is also known for voicing the character of Seishirou Kurono from “Shobitch.”

Shizuka Ishigami

She will be voicing the character of Setsuna. Shizuka Ishigami is also known for voicing the character of Ikuno from “Darling In The Franxx.”

Shibuya Ayano

She will be voicing the character of Jional Flare Arlgrande. Shibuya Ayano is also known for voicing the character of Hoshi from “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

Aikawa Natsuki

She will be voicing the character of Crylet Kureha. Aikawa Natsuki is also known for voicing the character of Petra Ral from “Attack On Titan.”

About The Light Novel | Redo Of The Healer

Written by Rui Tsukiyo and Illustrated by Shiokonbu, Redo Of Healer is a Japanese Light Novel Series that was first published back in 2016 on the website Shōsetsuka Ni Naro. Kadokawa Shoten then picked up the Light Novel in 2017, and since then, a total of 6 volumes have been released, with many more to come.