Realme C12 Specifications And Features

Realme C12
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Along with Realme C11, which was launched a month ago, the company has launched two other mid-range smartphones. The other smartphones are Realme C12 and Realme C15, with notable specifications. These smartphones will be launched in the Indian market during the initial trial sales. Due to the local government taxation in India, the price of the product has been slightly increased from their previous models, which were released early this year. If your someone who opts to buy a quality device with needed features, this product has the ability to match your taste. Many companies are eyeing on the south Asian market in order to gain a standard name for their product. Few of the products have reached stable customers where some are struggling to reach the people in the nook and corner of the country.

These two models share most of the similar characteristics; to make a difference between these two models, it comes with various battery capacity and camera features. The core features of the C series are maintained in both the products. Realme C12 comes with the yellow outer box, which is most common in the Realme products coming these days. The unusual thing which strikes while opening the box is that it has quite a big charger that we don’t find in mid-range mobiles. RealmeC12 is different from the previous version of the C series, Realme C11, with the battery capacity. Realme C12 has a battery capacity of 6000 mAh, where the previous version of the mobile 1000 mAh battery. The battery capacity of Realme C12 makes it look wides and feels heavier.

Realme C12
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It comes with the plastic body covered all over the mobile phone makes it feel great while using. Along with the textured gradient finish, it has grips that help from getting slipped, which most often happens while handling the plastic body mobile phone. The back portion of the phone doesn’t hold any fingerprint traces and makes it resistant to the wet hands. The device has a triple-slot tray for inserting sim cards and memory cards. The bottom portion of the mobile has Micro USB for charging the device which can also be used for wired connection with the external device for sharing data, along with that it has a headphone jack for enjoying the music along with that it has an external speaker.  The fingerprint sensor provided in the back seems distant than any other phone; you need to have a slightly bigger index finger to reach the sensor.

The smartphone runs on Realme UI 1.0, which is developed based on the latest Andriod 10. There are few default android applications that come along with the device. These applications are the most commonly used applications developed by Google. Third-party applications like Amazon and Facebook are included in the device, along with the default applications that are commonly available in other applications. Realme has adapted the trend to use google’s dialler and messages app instead of choosing their own apps (who will look for something when you already have a stable application). The camera has additional benefits to offer like 13-megapixel primary and 2 MP depth camera, and you also get a 2 MP macro camera. These are the batch of three cameras that are available on the backside of the mobile phone.  The front portion comes with the 5-megapixel selfie camera.

Realme C15
Realme C15 Still

These are the features that both newly launched smartphones are having in similar. These models have minor variations than Realme C11. These differences are more centric on the battery capacity and camera enhancements. Overall these models are another quality product from Realme at affordable price.