Rachel Leigh Cook To Play Addison Rae’s Mom In Miramax’s “He’s All That”

He's All That
Rachel Leigh cook joins "He's All That."

The gender-swapped remake, He’s All That, is welcoming another member into its family. However, this person is the most familiar with the project. New updates confirm that actress Rachel Leigh Cook has joined the cast of Miramax’s new film, He’s All That. Cook played Laney Boggs in the original 1999 (She’s All That)version and was immensely praised for her role. Moreover, a new picture from the set is also posted online. It features the protagonist of the remake, Addison Rae sitting beside Cook. It will definitely be a delight to watch the original character playing a part in the movie. So, go ahead and got all the new info on He’s All That and its team.

Rachel Leigh Coon in He's All That
Freddie Prince Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook in “She’s All That” (1999)

He’s All That is an upcoming film by Miramax and is the gender-swapping remake of the classic teen movie; She’s All That. The original film was and still is one of the best rom-com ever made. It featured Freddie Prince Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook in the lead roles and earned $103 million globally.

The remake was announced a couple of months ago. And the fans of the original ones are really excited about it. Their excitement has now doubled after Cook is joining the team.

Rachel Leigh Cook’s Thoughts On Joining He’s All That

Cook started by saying that she is very excited to see the familiar faces. She also thinks that the remake has a new spin, which the people will really enjoy.

Cook was recently seen in Netflix’s movie, “Love, Guaranteed.” Her recent project was highly liked by fans and is the most-watched film of September on the streaming giant. During an interview for the film, she also opened up about the remake. Cook said that “I’m just grateful every day that I didn’t come of age in the era of camera phones.” Cook will play the mother of Padgett Sawyer, the female lead of He’s All That.

The news came as a surprise, but it is definitely a good one. Rachel Leigh Cook’s credits include Texas Rangers, The Final Season, 11:14, and the list goes on.

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He’s All That Plot And Cast

As we know, He’s All That is going to be a remake of the original movie. So, the plot is going to be similar. However, we will see some new elements in the remake. There will be more advanced technologies, more hyped colleges, and definitely more glamour. In short, He’s All That will be the cooler gen z version of the original movie.

Tik Tok star Addison Rae will play the lead protagonist. Rae’s character is the famous influencer of the college who gets dumped by her boyfriend. She then accepts a bet to take the least good-looking guy on the campus to the prom. Tanner Buchanan will play the male lead in the movie. He will be playing the role of Rachel Leigh Cook; only he’s a male.

He's All That
Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae To play the leads in “He’s All That.”

Buchanan can be seen in the Netflix series (previously YouTube) Cobra Kai. he portrays the role of Robby Keene on the show.

Madison Pettis, Peyton Meyer, Isabella Crovetti, Andrew Matarazzo, Vanessa Dubasso, Myra Malloy, Annie Jacob, Brian Torres, Romel De Silva, Dominic Goodman, Ryan Hollis, and Tiffany Simon will also appear in the movie.

Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) will be directing the film is, whereas R. Lee Fleming is penning down the script; he also wrote the original movie.

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