Prototype of SpaceX’s future Starship Using Raptor Engine

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SpaceX has been inventing new products that could help space exploration in the upcoming years. Soon after the success of returning two astronauts from the space station SpaceX has achieved another mile in their space exploration. SpaceX has launched a basic prototype version of the next-generation, deep-space rocket in south Texas. The test version of the massive spaceship has been successfully completed after launching up to the height of about 500 feet and making it land in the earth. SpaceX has been working on reusing rockets and other space equipment multiple times. This is the part of the project they have been working on achieving the mission.

The previous attempt of the spaceflight has seen numerous defects.  SpaceX’s Starship prototype is designed to carry tons of materials to the Outerspace like reaching the moon and other planets similar to Earth. These projects have brought immense confidence and technological revolution in future space research programs. The final version of the prototype will stand 400 feet high and 30 feet wide which has the capacity to carry loads of material. Starship will be mounted above the giant rocket booster, known as Super-Heavy. Both vehicles will be interconnected with each other to achieve the mission. These vehicles will be fitted with high power  SpaceX’s new powerful rocket engine, called Raptor.

SpaceX Starhopper
SpaceX Starhopper Image

The Prototype which has been tested recently is the basic version of the final version of the Starship. Starship will undergo many research and development before reaching the fully developed product. The Initial version of the Starship that has been tested recently holds a single Raptor engine whereas the final Starship is said to have six Raptor engines which increase the power and stability of the spacecraft. As per the design, the final starship will have nosecone above the top whereas the prototype had weighed mass in its top to balance the mass while in air.

This success will be the basement fo the future development projects that will be carried out by SpaceX. The company has been suffering from the previous failure that has been causing damage to the companies growth. Previously tested starships have wither exploded, damages, and imploded during the launch of the mission. This is the large scale prototype that has been tested positive after facing several successful attempts. Starship has been designed to do propulsive landings on other worlds. The model is designed based on how SpaceX lands its Falcon 9 rockets after the flight. It’s expected that the prototype will hold many of the basic and most important features that will be included in the original prototype.

This is not the first attempt of the starship by SpaceX. The company has already tested many spacecraft before this attempt. SpaceX has already flown a Starship prototype on a short hop before, but these spacecraft differ from the spacecraft that have been launched recently. A year before the company has already launched spacecraft with various sizes and power. The smaller version of the spacecraft has been named as Starhopper.  The company has already created the sixth prototype by testing with the Raptor engine. SpaceX has been continuously working on several other prototypes for future realtime projects. Other than creating spacecraft, the company is also working on flights that could use more than two Raptor high power engines that could even fly above 500 feet altitude.

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