Poco X3 Gets An Official Confirmation Over The 64 Megapixel Camera

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Poco confirms that their upcoming model smartphone will have a 64 Megapixel rear camera. The announcement came from one of the top executives through Twitter posts. Poco, which is selling smartphones through the Xiaomi company, has been producing mid-range and higher range mobile phones for the past couple of years. The first model of the smartphone entered the market under the Xiaomi brand selling through its strong distribution, which is spread in many countries. The smartphone was also sold through online shopping platforms, including Xiaomi online shopping website. The last version of the mobile Poco X2 attracted quite a few than its previous version smartphone. On that note, the company is planning to acquire even more market space through its other product. Though Poco is a Chinese mobile manufacturing company, it has, it’s a strong base in the south Asia market, including its origin China.

There is not any official launch date of the Poco X3 smartphone, based on the advertisement and blog posts that the company has initiated recently, it’s expected that the mobile phone might get launched within the short span of time. Poco’s Product Marketing Manager Angus Kai Ho Ng has revealed some of the major information about Poco X3. Due to his interests in the field of reaching the customers, he also serves the company as the Global Spokesperson announcing major decisions. Basically, the mobile comes with the lens capacity of 16 megapixels, using the advanced image processing techniques like pixel binning technique, the captures image gets enhanced into 64 megapixels.

The marketing manager has posted some of the pictures related to the smartphone, which clearly gives an idea about the pro mode, which is available on the device. This feature is used to adjust the aperture, brightness level,  ISO sensitivity, which you mostly find in most of the products, and exposure value. Earlier this week, Twitter users kept posting on the Poco X3 camera design. Even there was a voting feature that was included in the posts, which triggered the user to guess the camera design. The Manufacturer has recently applied for signal verification and other security approval from the international organization. One of the organizations has suggested the company to improve its Artificial Intelligence feature that might help them with the camera enhancement.

Angus Kai Ho Ng
Angus Kai Ho Ng Still

Poco X3 created a lot of buzzes even before the actual release. Social media users have compared the smartphone with the recently released mid-range smartphone. Our team could able to see that the smartphone as compared to a lot with Samsung Galaxy A71. Most of the smartphone is developed with a high-end configuration that avoids the need for the external device. Some of the enhanced features that stop the users from spending money on supporting products are Powerbank, where many smartphones come with high battery capacity, which is capable of supplying power throughout the day. Poco is an upcoming company might have upgraded their specification along with the higher battery capacity. Till now we don’t have any official information about the battery capacity of the smartphone

Other important features of the device are expected to be revealed during the launch date of the smartphone. On a lighter note, there are a lot of chances that the smartphone might get launched within this year. So that it will be made available through the local store (not sure due to lockdown) and online stores.