Poco M3 – Newest Addition to the Poco Family, All You Must Know

POCO M3 Specification and Features
POCO M3 Still

Poco has announced that they will be launching their new model smartphone M3 in the upcoming days at the end of this month. It looks like this new model smartphone from the smartphone manufacturing company will be the third model in the Poco M series. Poco has been operating and selling their electronic products under its brand Xiaomi for the last couple of years. They have gained a trustable audience base, mostly in South Asian countries. They have been expanding their product, which comes with advanced computational operations and other decent features. This is one of the latest smartphone manufacturing startups, which has grown into a leading seller in the smartphone market.

POCO M3 Specification

Even though POCO hasn’t announced anything about the specification details and other smartphone device features, leaks have suggested some of the information about their upcoming product. It looks like the Chinese smartphone manufacturing firm has concentrated more on developing its mid-range smartphone similar to their previous model smartphones. Poco M2 and Poco M2 Pro are the two model smartphones that are released much prior to this product. These smartphones have performed much better through their prominent processor and RAM specification. This model smartphone comes with model number M2010J19CG. It’s expected that this new model variant from the company will be a rebranded version of the Redmi brand, which got released earlier this year. Specification Details of the smartphone look much similar to the Redmi Nore 10.

Angus Kai Ho Ng, Poco Marketing Manager, and Global Spokesperson have promised that their new product will be launched within this year. It looks like final testing is currently in progress and will be launched within this year without much delay. Based on the smartphone’s leaked outer appearance, it looks much similar to the rebadged Redmi Note 10. It’s expected that this smartphone might be coming up with the octa-core processor as its core internal component. The image of the smartphone has been speculated around the internet on the China Compulsory Certificate (3C) website with model number M2010J19SC. Many Chinese based smartphone manufacturing company have been developing their new model devices in the last couple of years.

Poco M3 Image

Poco M3 Features

It looks like POCO M3 features with 6.53-inch full-HD+ display option, which gets a Dot Drop design. Display of the device is built so it can processor high bandwidth application through their full-HD+ option. Most of the smartphones coming these days are built using the full HD+ option making it more prominent against the high bandwidth graphical content. It’s rumored that the smartphone might be coming up with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 SoC processor as its internal component. Poco is known for using a Snapdragon processor in the device for quite a long period. The rear side comes with the triple-camera setup, which provides a complete photographic experience to its users.

Among the triple camera setup, it gets a 48-megapixel primary sensor option. The smartphone’s battery capacity is not yet officially announced by the manufacturing company; it’s expected that it might get a 6000 mAh battery. This battery has the potential to deliver a decent amount of power to keep mobile online for a decent amount of hours. The battery of the smartphone comes with an 18W fast charging support. The device gets dual speakers placed on either side of the smartphone to provide a complete entertaining experience.