POCO Leaks Information On Their Upcoming Device

Poco M2
Poco M2 Image

POCO shows green signs towards their upcoming smartphone which is expected to be launched at the end of this current year. Recently the company has launched POCO C3 for the users based in South Asian countries. The company claimed that they are working on developing new hardware electronic product. POCO global spokesperson Angus Kai Ho Ng has officially confirmed their new upcoming product.

Based on the information from the internet sources it’s clear that they have seen glimpses of information on the certification website with the model number much similar to the Redmi Note 10. This information gives an idea that this device might be rebranding a version of Redmi Note 10 which got released earlier. POCO has introduced several smartphones this year which clearly gives the impression that there are developing hardware products to dominate the smartphone market.

One of the senior executives from POCO has leaked information through his Twitter post that there are working on new products. Executive tweeted that “Been quiet for a while… It’s almost near the end of the year… Just want to say. Poco isn’t finished with this year yet.” This tweet has created many discussions over the internet whether POCO is entering the smartphone business or working on IoT devices.

Many Chinese manufacturing companies have started developing smartwatches and other IoT device that helps the individual in managing their everyday tasks. POCO has acquired a decent margin in the smartphone market through its quality products in recent years. Most of their smartphone is getting regular software updates which makes the users’ experience feel great. Many big tech companies in the industry are continuously upgrading themselves with new innovative products to stay in a highly competitive industry. The post on Twitter also makes us think whether the company is planning to expand its business from being more of a smartphone-centric company.

Poco Still

POCO is one of the brands which operates under the Xiaomi. There are few other brands that have created emerged as tech giants under the strong distribution network. The new device from POCO is also spotted on the  Russian certification site EEC. This certification is to make sure that the device satisfies signal radiation for civilian usage.  From the post, it’s clear that the new device comes with model number M2010J19CG.

Even though POCO hasn’t made any official announcement about its upcoming device through their blog or social media post, rumor and speculations started providing their assumption over the internet on POCO’s new product. Poco M2 Pro which got released earlier was heavily criticized over the rebranding of the Redmi Note 9 Pro. Even though the device varies in many aspects from the Redmi Note 9 Pro, the major specification of the device looks similar between these two models.

The main difference between these two devices is that it lacks fast charging support. EEC certification has made a bold statement about the upcoming POCO product. It’s suggested that the device has a lot more chances of being a rebranding version of the Redmi handset. There are chances that the upcoming new device from Redmi might be a completely different handset. We need to wait to get the official confirmation from the manufacturing company.