Pieces Of Her Release Date – Netflix’s New Thriller Drama

Pieces Of Her Netflix

Netflix is bringing another thriller drama series soon to its platform. And, with everything known about it yet, we can easily predict that is going to be another hit. Pieces Of Her is an upcoming American thriller drama web series that will be airing soon on Netflix. Pieces Of Her is developed by Charlotte Stoudt (Homeland) and Lesli Linka Glatter. Also, Stoudt will serve as the writer and showrunner. The primary season will be directed by Minkie Spiro (Downtown Abbey). Bruna Papandrea will also be involved in the project; She is known for being the producer on hits like Big Little Lies and Gone Girl. The new series is an adaptation of the novel by the author Karin Slaughter, who is also serving as the producer.

Pieces Of Her Netflix

The crew already looks super fine, so, go ahead and get all the updates about the new series:

Production And Release Date

The show was commissioned before the pandemic happened. According to sources, the show began production in March 2016, and originally it was arranged to finish it in July 2020. However, the filming was shut down in between, due to the ongoing coronavirus. But, in June 2020, the series was rescheduled to start production again in August 2020 and conclude it by December 2022.

If it isn’t for the coronavirus, we would have already binged watch the entire show by now. But, now we expect a delay in the release of the show.

No release date has been announced by the network and the creators yet. Although, if the production concludes in December, we can expect the series to premiere in early 2021.

The first season will comprise eight episodes and they all will be available to stream only on Netflix.


Pieces Of Her: Plot 

Pieces Of Her follows the life of Andrea and how her life’s goal changes after getting caught in a deadly mass shooting at a diner. After a few minutes, she witnesses her mother, Laura easily and violently taking care of the whole situation. This surprises Andrea and soon her thoughts on her family start changing. Andrea also figures out the backstory of her mother’s past which makes her escape her life, and embark on an investigating journey. While being on the journey, she discovers some truths, which her mother concealed years ago.

The official synopsis for the show reads, What if the person you thought you knew best turns out to be someone you never knew at all?” This pretty much is enough to give the audience that mystery vibe we all need in a good show. And, we think we are definitely in for this one.

Pieces of her Netflix

The show stars Primetime Emmy and Golden Globes winner Toni Collette, who will play the role of Laura, Andrea’s mother. Bella Heathcote will play Andrea/Andy, Laura’s daughter, who sets on a journey to discover her mother’s past life. Also, joining the duo will be David Wenham who will play Jasper Queller, a mysterious man from Laura’s past.