Philips Hue Unveils Expensive Multi color Light Strip

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The experts who are involved in developing the Philips Hue smart lights which adapt to change the color light pattern. This light was basically developed to fit behind the back of the smart television, which producers multiple colors at the same time. For many years the company has been working on this product, which generally involves in producing color tone based on the visual image present on the television. Hue Entertainment is a company that operates under the guidelines of Philips has brought up with the product which was upgraded from their first-generation product.

Previously developed Hue light strips can able to produce single light at the same time, where this product, which got upgraded, is capable of producing many colors based on the screen response. This product has been developed to enhance audience entertainment. A multi-color upgrade is an interesting feature that pushes the company in the right direction in the upcoming years. Philips Hue competes with Lifx, a company that has been producing smart light products similar to Hue. The company has been operating in developing smart, multicolor light strip for the past four years. In these last four years, the company has developed many smart devices to improve the quality of entertainment.

The cost of the products looks quite bigger when compared with the other multicolor light strip, which is produced by Lifx. It’s is said that the price of the device is three times costlier than the second generation device, which goes upgraded with many options from the first generation device. Artificial Intelligence, which is used in the device, doesn’t look much different from the previous generation device. The first generation device was capable enough to produce various colors but not at the same time. It looks the accuracy of the program, which is used in the teh device has been improved. The shinning property of the light strip could able to shine at any part of the strip.

Philips Hue
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On asked about the 250% price jump than its previous generation light strip device, the Founder and the head of the technology has revealed that the gradient technology used in the device makes it costlier than any other device. He claimed that the stip could able to control a 5-inch segment independently without getting disturbed from the other parts of the strip. The gradient technology used in the device is capable of controlling various parts of the light strip without getting compromised on accuracy and light quality. It also added that the light strip has a black backing designed, which comes with the premium matte finish. This device also assures that you can attach the light strip behind the television once and forget about it for a lifetime. This device doesn’t need any Maintainance on a regular periodical basis.

To connect the light strip with the television box, you need to spend another $230 for a Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. In addition to the newly developed lighting device, Signify has also introduced an updated version of Philips Hue candelabra bulbs, which improves the connectivity through  Bluetooth radios, which assures easier pairing over the device. Philips has a long past history in developing LCD bulbs that have been upgraded to use smart bulbs that could be controlled using smartphones and other devices that change the light based on the mood and temperature. The company has invested millions of dollars in research and development to produce smart bulbs.