PH: Money Heist Is Back For The Fifth And Final Time

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Money Heist is back with the fifth and final season. The series made its debut entry into the television entertainment industry on 2 May 2017. Many might have already known the fact that there is a huge audience base for Spanish television dramas and feature films. Many production companies in the entertainment industry have been continuously working on various scripts to entertain audience taste of entertainment. In recent times crime dramas have received a positive response from more than million audiences around the globe. The series mainly focuses on the crime committed by the group of members under that guidance of Professor Álvaro Morte. This is one of the series which gets renewed soon after the completion of the previous season o the series.

After analyzing the audience response, development has planned to launch another successful season of the long-running television series. Fans are already excited about knowing about the fifth season of the series. There was a huge expectation for the fifth season of the series soon after last season, which ended with many unanswered questions. Many fans expressed their happiness by posting posts on social networking sites. It’s leaked that there might be a slight delay in the release date of the fifth season o the series due to the outbreak of coronavirus. As of now, we don’t have any official information about the release date of the Money Heist season 5.

The series shows how to execute a well-planned crime in the most popular and well-secured places in the country. The team secretly gets into the royale mint, which is used to print millions of currencies for the bans in Spain. They take control of the entire bank by suspending the communication with the outer world. Professor was the guiding source providing a command to the team. They use their hacking techniques to access the highly secured cameras from the building. The crime television series has numerous emotions and feeling spread throughout the television series. During the climax of the fourth season of the series, professor gets caught by one of the higher grade officer pointing gun towards the head.

Money Heist is created by Álex Pina, and the production department was handled by the team of experts in the entertainment industry. The executive producers involved in producing the television web series are Álex Pina, Sonia Martínez, Jesús Colmenar, Esther Martínez Lobato, Nacho Manubens. Most of the scenes from the series are shot in different countries on the European continent. The countries in which the series filmed are Spain, Italy, Thailand, Panama. The series has completed four seasons consisting of 31 episodes. Each episode of the series has a runtime of around 45 minutes holding more than million active viewers

Who Are The Performance Artist Included In Money Heist?

The crime drama consists of many skillful actors who have won our hearts before with their amazing performances throughout the series. The cast included in the series has played a major role in determining the success of the series. The main cast in the series consists of:

Álvaro Morte, after his terrific performance in the fourth season of the series joining the final season along with his masterplan to loot a huge sum of money along with his teammates. The team of members who indulge in criminal activities under the command of the professor is Úrsula Corberó as Silene Oliveira, Paco Tous as Agustín Ramos, Alba Flores as Ágata Jiménez, Miguel Herrán as Aníbal Cortés, Jaime Lorente as Ricardo.