Paranoid Android 11 Released – Introducing New Custom ROMs For OnePlus Phones

Paranoid Android 11
Paranoid Android 11 Images

Few days after the Android 10 stable released for the Andriod smartphones, Paranoid Android custom ROM has leaked some of the information about its official Paranoid Android “Ruby” based on Android 11. The majority of smartphone manufacturing companies have used this smartphone operating system. Google has been upgrading its software products, which come with a decent amount of user interface changes and other security options. The upcoming Android version is claimed to built using the Ruby programming language. The alpha version of the Andriod 11 is allowed for the Chinese smartphone manufacturing company OnePlus for its two new models.

The alpha version of the operating system is claimed to come with security updates and other enhancements. The initial builds of Android 11 alpha versions are built in such a way that it supports the latest OxygenOS Open Beta firmware. It looks like this update might bring in some of the new features that improve the smartphone device’s performance to help the user’s in managing everyday tasks. Initial FOD related bugs, Auto brightness reversed, and Dimensions are not perfect are there major bugs that are this alpha version of the Android will be addressing in their update.

Paranoid Android Features And Specifications

It looks like this version of the Android comes in with multiple customization options. Adjustments and improvements are the few features that get added with this version of Android. It looks like Code Aurora Forum (CAF) Android base is the foundation for developing this Android version. The ROM uses some of the previously used code architecture patterns bringing out major changes in the designing algorithms. CAF’s existence is the foundations feature that most of the Android smartphones are using the Qualcomm SoCs processors. Many processor manufacturing companies have developed unique processors dedicated to various purposes.

Paranoid Android 11
Paranoid Android 11 Still

It’s predicted that this be a version of the Android will be in the development phase for the upcoming months and will be unveiled to its users during the mid of 2021. Many smartphone companies have already started providing Android 10 update for its users through their OTA update. It’s expected that many other companies will be releasing their Android update in the upcoming months. GPLv2 license has become a mandate for the vendors to provide information about the kernel sources. These features in the internal specification of the smart devices will bring in new features and specifications. Many smartphone manufacturing companies are working along with software development companies to enhance their new products.

Paranoid Android Updates

This new update from the manufacturing company provides a great benefit for third-party developers. Qualcomm, which is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphone processors, has provided various framework branches. Following their new update, it looks like this feature will be integrated with the leading smartphone manufacturing companies. Some various other features and specifications are expected to be included in smartphone devices. The development progress of the Android 11 is currently in progress and is expected to compete and attain its stability within a couple of weeks. Once the alpha testing progress gets complete, there are chances that it might be released for other smartphones.