Pacific Rim Anime Series – Release Date And Announcements

Pacific Rim Anime

Alright, I have got some good information for all the Mecha Fans out there; the release date for Pacific Rim Anime Series has been confirmed. The good news doesn’t stop there; apparently, it will be featured on Netflix and have a huge budget, meaning the project will probably be a good one. The Movie Pacific Rim had blown fans away with its extremely cool Human Piloted Robots and Humongous Monsters or Kaijuu. Personally, I am absolutely hyped about this news, as I had grown up watching Mecha Animes, and I’m a total nerd. In this article, we’ll be talking about the Release Date of The Pacific Rim: The Black as well as related Announcements.

Plot Overview | Pacific Rim: The Black

The story will follow the lives of a pair of Brother and Sister, who are twins. Separated from their parents and currently, in hostile territory, the twins find an abandoned “Jaeger,” which they use to maneuver across the hostile territory. Although the synopsis isn’t quite helpful, we can mostly assume that the twins are most likely in a Kaijuu infested area and need the “Jaeger” to survive.

The Announcements | Pacific Rim: The Black

The Anime Adaptation of the popular Movie franchise, Pacific Rim, was confirmed in the November of 2018, but no release schedule was announced. In the Los Angeles Anime Expo back in 2019, we received new information regarding the Anime Adaptation, and it was announced that the Anime would be released in 2020. Pacific Rim: The Black has been confirmed for two seasons already and will be streaming on Netflix.

Pacific Rim Anime

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the Release has been postponed, and as of now, Netflix has slated to begin airing in 2021. Studio Polygon Pictures will be handling the Anime Adaptation. Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson will be penning down the Script for the upcoming anime. According to the reports, the Anime series will be building upon the world of the Original Film and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Despite the cast or the number of episodes per season announced, the Anime Adaptation is being received quite positively.

About The Movie | Pacific Rim

The Original Film, Pacific Rim, by Director Guillermo del Toro, was an homage to the huge Monster Fighting Mecha’s that he had grown up watching. The Movie was about Giant Mecha’s called Jaeger’s that were used to fight Giant Monsters called “Kaijuu ” that started coming out of a breach in the Pacific Ocean. The first film of the franchise aired back in 2013, and the second film was released in 2018.

According to recently released information, the anime will primarily target Japanese, Taiwanese, and other eastern Asain Countries. Honestly, I am just happy that we’ll be seeing more Mecha fighting Monsters, and hopefully, Netflix pulls this off with flying colors.

I’ll keep you guys updated as and when more information about the Pacific Rim Anime is released. Till then, if you liked this article, please do check out other articles on the Website.