Otherside Picnic Will Be Receiving An Anime Adaptation In 2021

Iori Miyazawa's Light Novel Light Series, Otherside Picnic, Has Been Announced For An Anime Adaptation.

Otherside Picnic

On Saturday, Square Enix’s Shonen Gangan Magazine announced that Iori Miyazawa’s light novel series,” Otherside Picnic”, will be receiving an Anime Adaptation in 2021. The Cast, as well as Staff for the show, has also been revealed to some extent, making many fans excited for the Anime. The announcement was also made on twitter and claimed that a Promotional Video would also soon be released for the series.

The Anime Adaptation of Otherside Picnic will be handled by Liden Films and Felix Films, and the Director for the series will be Takuya Satō. The Script for the anime series will also be written by Takuya Satō and as for the Character Designs, they will be taken care of by Ayumi Nishibata who is also the Chief Animation Director for the show.

The Cast For The Anime Announced So Far Include:

Yumiri Hanamori (Known for voicing the role of Sachiko Umemoto from Diamond No Ace) will be voicing the character of Sora Kamikoshi.

Ai Kayano (Known for voicing the role of Shiro from No Game No Life) will be voicing the character of Toriko Nishina.

The Light Novel Series Otherside Picnic has also inspired a Manga Adaptation that is being illustrated by Eita Mizuno. The Manga is serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan since February of 2018 and is still ongoing. Currently, with a total of 4 volumes released and more to come.

Otherside Picnic – What’s it About?

Written by Iori Miyazawa and illustrated by Shirakaba, Otherside Picnic, is a Japanese Light Novel Series that was published in Hayakawa Publishing since February of 2017. The Light Novel has released a total of 4 volumes and more to come.

Otherside Picnic

The Story follows the life of Kamikoshi Sora, who stumbles upon a door that leads people to the Otherside. The Otherside is filled with mysterious things such as ghosts that are told in stories and whatnot. Upon entering the Otherside and nearly dying, Sora encounters a girl named Toriko Nishina. This changed the life of Sora, who up till that point was just an overworked University student, but now she has become aware of a world that exists side by side with the normal world.

Otherside Picnic is an extremely interesting story about two girls who are put in a Sci-fi setting with the condition that only the fittest survive. Both these girls have their own personal reasons as to why they enter the Otherside, and they are determined to obtain what they are looking for.