Oppo Watch ECG Edition Features And Specifications

Oppo watch ECG edition
Oppo watch ECG edition Still

The company has officially launched the oppo Watch ECG Edition in China. It’s said that the new smartwatch will join their new line of the Oppo wearables in upcoming days. This is the first smartwatch from China, which has a huge display that measures 46 mm. The previous version of the smartwatches that are developed by Chinese manufacturing companies has advanced features. Oppo claimed that this model of their smartwatch would have the option to measure users’ ECG.

This feature is mostly used in the field of medical sciences, which is used to measure the heartbeat. In recent times many advanced features are getting included in the smartwatches that help the user’s to track done their daily routine and body health condition. The smartwatch gets a single stainless-steel option, which makes the smartphone more protective while wearing.

The Oppo watch ECG edition has a single 46mm variant, which is quite a bigger when compared to the other range of similar smartwatches. Unlike other smartwatches, it gets a rubber strap for tying around the wrist. There have not been any official announcement available colors for the rubber strap. The company claimed that the smartwatch features a 1.91-inch AMOLED display. The display screen is built with the quality to provide 402×476 pixels resolution. The resolution of the display screen plays an important role in wearables. The smartwatch comes with the  326ppi pixel density.

The smartwatch runs on the ColorOS watch, which is an operating system developed by Oppo. This operating system was developed based on the android. Most of the features that are available in android will be made available in the operational system update. This operating system, which comes along with the smartwatch, is capable of supporting the android six and higher-order versions.

Oppo watch ECG edition
Oppo watch ECG edition

Oppo Watch ECG Edition comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 SoC processor. This processor is basically developed for the wearable. Most of the smartwatches that are developed in recent days are using this processor mainly because of the size. Along with the snapdragon processor, it gets Apollo 3 co-processor, which gets support from the main processor while performing operations. The smartwatch gets a 1 GB RAM with 8 GB storage.

The smartwatch gets a 430mAh battery, which keeps the smartwatch alive for 40 hours. The battery included in the smartwatch is developed using advanced technology to prevent the battery from getting heated up while wearing. Heating is one of the major issues that most of the electronic gadgets are facing these days. Oppo claimed that the battery could stay active for 21 days on the Power Saver mode. This power save mode automatically decreases the brightness of the smartwatch once it gets turned on and also restricts other more power-consuming operations.

Oppo Watch ECG gets a 5 ATM/ IPX8 water resistance rating. These rating standards are provided after putting the device under several rounds of testing under the stressed conditions. Many sensors included in the smartwatch make it more responsive to the moments and actions instantly.

These moments are evaluated and reported to the smartphones as soon as it gets diagnosed. The android application that’s provided with the smartphones stores the data and provides visual representation using the graphs and charts. These visual representations of the graphs provide a complete idea over the generated report. Some of the sensors that are used in the smartwatches are a three-axis accelerometer, a gyro sensor, and a geomagnetism sensor. Other than these sensors many other sensors are also included with the smartwatch.