Oppo Launches Security Patch Update For Oppo R17

Oppo R17
Oppo R17 Still

Oppo R17, which was initially launched in August 2018, finally receives an Android security patch for the month of July 2020. Along with the security update, the company also receives system stability features. Many smartphones in Oppo will be receiving many updates in the upcoming days to enhance the UI and other features like security. This update also has an option to sync the volume level of the Bluetooth device to your phone. The camera is one of the important features behind the success of the Oppo mobile. To improve diamond treasury camera quick-launch function will be introduced with this update. Oppo update has a wireless printing feature: images and PDF files can be printed wirelessly.

The company has planned to release an update to its existing customers in India. If you don’t get the update now, you’ll be getting the update within some time. Similar to the previous updates, the company might launch the update in a phase-wise manner reaching every individual user. The push notification will be sent to the users, which makes them aware of the new update reaching their mobile phones. Oppo is a Chinese Subsidiary of consumer electronics and mobile communications companies. The company was started with a motive to produces quality mobiles at an affordable price. The company has its headquarters at Dongguan, Guangdong. BBK Electronics Corporation is the parent company of Oppo, which also has similar other mobile manufacturing companies in its management. Other similar companies are OnePlus, Vivo, and Realme.

Oppo R17 Launch
Oppo R17 Launch Still

The company has been working on developing innovative products that meet the expectation of its customers. Some of its products are smartphones, audio devices, Blu-ray players, and other electronic products. The mobile manufacturing industry is gaining its perfect momentum developing many products that meet the demands of the common people. It has become mandatory for any manufacturing company in the mobile industry to adopt a regular update to sustain itself in the highly competitive industry. Each company has invested more than a million dollars in research and development to produce innovative and quality products. The touch screen and camera are important aspects that are most expected among mobile enthusiasts.

Oppo R17 has an attractive feature that gained much attention among the people.  The mobile model has a  6.4 inch AMOLED display, which supports 1080 x 2340 pixel resolution. To increase the processing speed, the mobile comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 SoC and Adreno 615 GPU. Similar to the other models, it comes with two different RAM variants. The two RAM variants that are available in the market are  6 GB and 8 GB. This model has an internal storage capacity of 128 Gb, which is quite good for storing many useful kinds of stuff. It’s fitted with the dual-camera setup with a 16MP wide camera + 5MP depth sensor. Oppo always shows its active interest in developing the selfie/ front camera. This model has a 25MP camera for selfies and video chats.

To increase the durability, this model comes with the 3500 mAH battery with 20W fast charging support. This update comes with the build number CPH1879EX_11_F.07/CPH1879_11_F.07 in India. The Beta version of the update has been successfully tested before releasing the stable version of the software. This update will enhance the security feature of the device along with that it also improves the stability.