Only Yesterday Manga – To Be Adapted Into A Live Action Film

Studio Ghibli's Animated Film, Only Yesterday, To Receive A Live Action Special.

Only Yesterday

On Monday, NHK announced that it would be broadcasting a Live-Action Special inspired by the Japanese Manga Series, Only Yesterday, on their sub-channels “BS Premium” and “BS4K”. The Special is set to air as early as January of 2021 and will begin shooting from early September. The manga has also inspired a Studio Ghibli Film, which was released in Japan back in 199. The Film is considered of the most cinematically acclaimed animated films of all time.

Kazutaka Watanabe will direct the special, and the Script for the show will be written by Koichi Yajima. The Role of Taeko Sugimoto will be played by Keiko Matsuzaka, and An Watanabe will play the Role of Natusiki Sugimoto (Taeko’s Daughter).

Only Yesterday
Keiko Matsuzaka Will Be Playing The Role of Taeko Sugimoto.

The Special is set in Tokyo 2020, where the young and energetic Reiwa Taeko is now 64 years old with a child who is in her 30s and a grandchild. Taeko’s life is now more catered towards the actions and decisions of her daughter and grandchild. Although she isn’t unhappy, there are times where she and her daughter don’t see eye to eye. Amidst this new stage in her life, Taeko finds a new dream that she wants to pursue in becoming an Actress. She decides to chase after her dreams while being supported by “Showa Taeko,” Taeko’s showa-era self.

Only Yesterday
An Watanabe Will Be Playing The Role Of Natsuki Sugimoto

About The Manga | Only Yesterday

Written by Hotaru Okamoto and was illustrated by Yuuki Tone, Only Yesterday is a Japanese Manga Series. It was published from 1987 to 1991, comprising of a total of 3 volumes released containing 24 chapters in all.

The Story is set in 1982, Tokyo, Japan. It starts off with Taeko Okajima, a 27 years old Unmarried woman who spent her entire life in Tokyo and worked at a Company. She decides to take a trip to the countryside to lend a helping hand to the family of her Brother-in-Law’s harvesting Safflowers.

Only Yesterday
Only Yesterday Manga

While taking an overnight train to Yamagata, she begins recalling her 5th-grade self from back in 1966 and starts remembering incidents from her past that she had long forgotten, both happy and sad.

While on this memory trip, she recalls all her problems along with her dreams and aspirations. This makes her question whether she has betrayed her younger self in the process of growing up. She is accompanied by Toshio, her Brother-in-Law’s second cousin, on this trip and finally understands what she wants in life. In the end, she doesn’t return back to Tokyo and stays in the countryside.