OnePlus To Launch OnePlus Nord Special Edition

OnePlus Nord Special Edition Release Date
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A special edition of OnePlus Nord is expected to make its debut entry on  October 14. Based on the latest information from OnePlus, it’s clear that their new special edition smartphone will be a Sandstone variant. In addition to that, it might have many similar features like the Nord version which got released recently. OnePlus Nord which got released recently claimed to be an affordable smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. This model smartphone was made available in most of the Asian countries either though the online eCommerce platforms or through local stores. OnePlus released a new teaser regarding their upcoming special edition of smartphones through the visual image which provided minor information about this smartphone. The company hasn’t announced anything about the available colors of the smartphone. From the poster, OnePlus released recently it looks like the smartphone will be available in Sandstone Black color.

Based on the Image teased by OnePlus, the smartphone looks to have an OnePlus logo is surrounded by stones. The finish on the sides of the device makes it look like the special edition and difference from the normal Nord version smartphones. Earlier to this, OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2 are the two versions of the smartphone which came with the Sandstone Black color option. OnePlus doesn’t change the color of their device most often, they stand firm with a motive to maintain their standard colors in their devices. Sandstone variant from OnePlus is more popular among the users especially due to its unique look and outer body design. The device has a sandy texture which provides more grip to the users while holding the mobile.

OnePlus Nord Special Edition Relaese Date
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Even though Sandstone mobile cases are available for sale in OnePlus, most of their models lack a Sandstone variant. Leaks suggest that OnePlus Nord special edition will have Sandstone Black edition which makes it look unique from the previous version of the smartphone launched by OnePlus. Chinese manufacturing company has gained a more user base in south Asian countries through its higher-end quality products. To address the mid-range user who comes under the affordable smartphone category segment, The company has launched OnePlus Nord early this year.

It’s expected that the special edition smartphone will be launched as announced by the development. Even though the company hasn’t announced anything about the features and specifications of the device, it’s expected that most of the hardware specification of the device will look much similar to the OnePlus Nord smartphone which got released earlier.

Mostly OnePlus will be launching their special edition smartphones without many changes. The only thing which makes the special edition smartphones look different is that it varies only in the outer body design. Prior to this, the company has launched special edition smartphones. Along with the OnePlus Special edition Nord series, OnePlus 8T will also be unveiled during October,14.

Many sources on the internet suggest that along with these products, lot more products are also expected to be launched during the virtual event. The manufacturing company hasn’t leaked any information about the priced details of the product, it’s expected that the special edition of the smartphone might look slightly costlier than the original version which got released earlier.