OnePlus Plans To Launch Clover Model In The US

One Plus Clover
One Plus Clover Still

One Plus is in the plan to target the mid-range smartphone users after his successful long run in the higher-end smartphone. The company has released many higher-end smartphones in the past. Many internet sources reveal that One plus is working on entry-level smartphones. The manufacturer has looked calm and confident after the launch of the Nord model in the market. It’s reported that the company is working with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 SoC, which sounds a bit new when compared with the previous processor. It’s rumored that the company has been working in Mediatek processor for awhile. Oneplus haven’t made any comment over that information.

It’s said that the new project is often referred to  Clover, which makes it similar to their previous project of developing the Oneplus Nord. It was planned from the marketing department of the smartphone manufacturer that the smartphone would make its debut entry into the US mobile market, later it will be made available to all other remaining countries. This is the first time that the company is making its initial sales in the American market, where it often releases the smartphone in European and Asian markets and take then to the United States.  It’s estimated that the mid-range smartphone will cost around $200, which falls under the nominal price category. Specifications of the device are already leaked through various internet sources like any other smartphone.

One Plus Clover
One Plus Clover Image

Devices come with High-quality visual clarity. It’s said that it has 6.52-inch HD+, which basically supports up to 720×1,560 pixels. There are software’s which are available in the play store that helps the users in experiencing even high-quality visual content than what’s specified in the hardware feature. The processor doesn’t make a much interesting part. It comes with the basic processor that we have already seen in many Samsung and Xiaomi products. Processer can manage the speed along with the RAM. It’s not the usual Oneplus mobile, which always comes with the topnotch features. It has a 4GB RAM processor, not sure that the smartphone will have another model with a different specification. RAM available in the smartphone makes the mobile look like a below-average mobile which often has the 4 GB RAM. The performance of the smartphone might vary on how the processor works with less memory space.

This temporary memory storage often helps the processor in accessing the needed information instantly. Even though it comes with the 4GB RAM, it gets quite a good memory storage option, which can adapt 64GB internal memory. There are no pieces of information about the external memory card option, which we don’t find in the OnePlus range mobiles. The device is expected to contain basic sensors that are commonly available, so that won’t be any major deal while choosing the mobile. The fingerprint sensor for unlocking the applications comes at the rear end of the mobile. The previous version of the Oneplus has a fingerprint sensor below the screen, which was a bit different while it got introduced after that many other smartphone manufacturers started using this feature in their mobile phones.

Oneplus Clover will have a triple camera feature. The last version of the smartphone has a dual-camera option, which was expected to have a triple camera. The company has satisfied the expectation of the users with the triple camera option with this model. Information sources reveal that the upcoming smartphone will look much similar to the Realme C15. The only significant difference between these smartphones is the processor that’s embedded in the device. Realme C15 has a MediaTek Helio G35 SoC., whereas One plus has opted to use Snapdragon 460. Other than this, there won’t be any major change that we can experience.