Oneplus Brings Andriod 11 Update Through Zen Mode App Update

One Plus CEO
One Plus CEO Still

Oneplus has brought in some of the new updates that were expected to join in the OxygenOS 11. The company has started its development progress of the new update soon after the launch in the initial version of Andriod 11. Google has provided the necessary support for developing the user interface based on the Andriod 11.

The company has announced their they will be updating the meditation-focussed Zen Mode app. This application was available in their previous versions of their smartphones. This update has brought in new features that were available in the Android 11. It’s expected that this update will provide the glimpses of information about the Andriod 11 even before the operating system update. Even though the beta version of the Andriod 11 was made available for flagship smartphone users, it was not made for every Android user.

The updated Zen Mode app is claimed to provide some of the features that were initially announced by  XDA Developers. This new update will allow the user to create a virtual room using the control option. It also has space to invite friends to join over the network. After joining through the Zen Mode App they can contribute together in participating over the focus challenge. Along with this update, a lot more themes will also be made available for the users which enhanced their meditation experience.  Zen Mode app gets a new option to store and compare users’ daily Zen motions.

This option is something that users were expecting for the last few years. Maintaining the history of the users will eventually help them improve their overall focus and improvise their meditation. There were many leaks that were suggesting that Oneplus will release the application based on the features that are available in Andriod 11.

Zen Mode
Zen Mode Still

During the HydrogenOS 11 announcement, Oneplus gave information about their new update of the application to the users. The manufacturer also said that HydrogenOS 11 is a Chinese version of OxygenOS 11 which has fonts based on the Chinese language. As we know that Oneplus is a Chinese company, it has developed many applications that help the Chinese people in their daily life. Other than China all the other countries will be experiencing the updated version of the Oxygen OS.

The initial version of the operating system Oxygen 11 that provides for the users for testing purposes also gets the updated Zen Mode app. For those who wish to experience the Andriod 11 in their Oneplus smartphone can easily update the mobile application even before getting the operating system update.

The first version of the Zen mode application was introduced in the OnePlus 7 Pro. This application was introduced in their smartphones mainly to bring Oneplus dominance in digital detox and meditation solution. The company has taken many initiatives to help its users in monetizing their daily activities.

Zen mode app is something that is similar to Google’s Digital Wellbeing. Even though this application is available as default for the One plus users, others who wish to experience this application need to download the application from the play store. This application was made to reach the users through their OS update. As of now, Oneplus has not revealed any information about the Andriod 11 update. It’s expected that the new update will reach the users within this year once the new developments get completed.