OnePlus 8T Faces Minor Bugs Which Interrupts Smooth Flow Of User-friendly Experience

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Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, OnePlus has been developing high-range smartphones for the last couple of years. Recently the company has launched its new model smartphone, Oneplus 8, which received a great response from the smartphone enthusiast. Other than developing smartphone mobile devices, the company has also expanded its business model to developing other electronic products to provide its hardcore users. Mostly Oneplus will be launching its ‘T’ variant smartphone with advanced features and specifications that its remaining model. The company aims to provide high-range variants through its T variant smartphones.

OnePlus 8T Specification

The company has built this OnePlus 8T version of the smartphone with some of the advanced hardware features and specifications to make it more appealing than its pro version of the smartphone. The aluminum frame with a glass back remains the same in the T version of the smartphone, proving a clear idea that this model is the high range variant from the Chinese smartphone manufacturing company. Most of the smartphone manufacturing companies have opted to use the aluminum outer body by eliminating the plastic material along the side of the device. It’s clear that the company has taken forward a different approach in designing the T version of the smartphone when compared with the other models.

Curved-edge display provided with the smartphone improves its quality and provide an enhanced user-friendly experience which experiencing animation content. Another thing that grabs the attention is that it gets a wider display screen option, which provides more space for proving multiple pieces of information. It said that the Oneplus 8T version smartphone looks quite heavier than other moel and also feels quite thicker to provide a quality experience. New Aquamarine Green option is provided with the hardware device to improve its out-of-body experience. Prior to this, OnePlus has been following a certain set of color patents for its mobile devices. It is quite good to see Oneplus taking a different approach in choosing the color option.

OnePlus 8T Features

The glossy finish of the smartphone eliminated the fingerprint scratches and kept the device look better without any dust. Lunar Silver colorway is another color option that gets added with the device. It’s said that this color option will bring in a matte-frosted finish. The camera of the device is placed on the left side of the smartphone looks quite different because of the fact that its previous model smartphones a camera set up in the middle. The display of the device gets an HDR10+ certified option, which makes it looks better against the stress and damages. The power and volume buttons are the basic control buttons placed on the opposite side of the device.

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One Plus CEO
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USB 3.1 Type-C port provided at the bottom of the smartphone is generally used for charging the device and also used for sharing information through the wired option. Based on the user experience, it’s sid that the device has major nugs that have to be addressed through its upcoming update. It looks like the device’s camera feature needs improvement where it causes minor trouble while accessing the images and capturing during the heavy light conditions. Even though this model from Oneplus features with 48-megapixel IMX586 sensor it lacks image sharpness and polish.

OnePlus 8T Minor Bugs

The user-experience of the smartphone is bringing many problems to the users. It’s said that handling the background application has been a problem for a while where few other applications have faced layout issues while accessing. Even though OnePlus is bringing in new updates at a regular interval of time, the updates come with new bugs that are causing errors while using. The smartphone could able to handle high graphics animation graphics without any problem. The only thing that popup while playing the game is that the device gets quite heated, and the metal body of the device emits considerable heat.

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