One Room Anime Series’s Season 3 To Premiere This Fall

Japanese Original Short Anime Television Series, One Room, To Return For Its Third Season.

One Room Anime

On Saturday, the Official Website of the Anime series, One Room, revealed that the third season of the anime will be broadcasted on Tokyo MX and BS-NTV on the 5th of October 2020. The third season of the series “One Room” was announced back in February of 2020, and has since released a couple of Promotional Videos along with Key Visuals for the series.

The first season of the Anime “One Room” which began airing from January 11th to March 29th of 2017 was handled by Studio Typhoon Graphics and was Directed by Shinichiro Uede. The original story was written by Eiji Mano, and the script for the anime series was taken care of by Aose Shimoi, the Character designs were done by Kantoku and were adapted into the anime series by Yasuhiro Okuda.

However for the Second Season of the anime began airing from July 2nd to September 25th of 2018, Studio Typhoon Graphics was replaced by Zero-G and thus replacing certain people. The Character Designer Yasuhiro Okuda was replaced with Takuya Tani and Atsushi Furukawa replaced Chieko Hibi as the color key artist.

The third Season of  “One Room” will also be done by Studio Zero-G and Shinichiro Uede along with most of the staff from season 2 will be returning for season 3.

One Room Anime
Characters From The Anime Series “One Room”

Some of the newly announced along with the returning cast include:

Miyu Tomita (known for voicing the role of Rizu Ogata from We Never Learn) who will be voicing the character of Akira Kotokawa*.

Yumiri Hanamori (known for voicing the role of Ai Hayasaka from Kaguya-San: Love Is War) who will be voicing the character of Saya Orisaki*.

M.A.O (known for voicing the role of Enri Emmot from Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa) who will be voicing the character of Yui Hanasaka.

Rie Murakawa (known for voicing the role of Hotaru Ichijō from Non Non Biyori) who will be voicing the character of Natsuki Momohara.

Rie Takahashi (known for voicing the role of Megumin in KonoSuba) who will be voicing the character of Minori Nanahashi.

*Are the new cast members added for Season 3

One Room anime series has also inspired a spin off series called Room Mate which aired from April to June 2017.

One Room – What’s It About?

“One Room” is an Original Japanese Short Anime which has a total of 25 episodes released, with each episode lasting anywhere between 5-6 minutes. The concept of this Anime Series is very interesting as the audience becomes the Male audience as the entire anime is from first-person perspective, which basically means there aren’t any dialogues spoken by the main character.

One Room Anime

The plot follows the life of the male protagonist who has just moved to Tokyo and is living alone. He interacts with multiple female characters such as his younger sister who comes over to spend her summer vacation at her brother’s apartment in Tokyo, a childhood friend who wants to become a singer and is working part-time as she pursues her dream, and a girl that lives next door to him.