One Punch Man Chapter 138: The No.1 Hero “Blast” Makes An Appearance

One Punch Man Chapter 138

If you are a follower of One Punch Man, you already know that chapter 137 definitely had some big information on the No.1 hero “Blast.” This character has been a mystery to fans ever since his first mention during the S-Class meeting. Although we haven’t seen much of him, we received some more information about him in the recent chapters. We know that Blast had saved Amai Mask as well as Tatsumaki in the past, causing them to take the Hero route. Now, many fans speculate that with the increased reference to Blast in the recent chapters, we might get to see him make an actual appearance.

Putting aside the whole “what if” part of the discussion, today we’ll be taking a closer look at what all transpired in One Punch Man Chapter 137 along with what is to come in the chapters following this one.

One Punch Man Chapter 137 Recap

The chapter starts off with Bang and Fubuki’s meeting up with Amai Mask and the rest of the Heroes. Bang lightheartedly asks them why he was left out of the operation, which led to Atomic Samurai asking the Child Emperor why he lied about not being able to get in touch with Bang. As explained by Bang himself, the reason was that judging purely from a military standpoint, Bang having a relationship with Garou could potentially hinder his focus and abilities from carrying out his execution.

This discussion was cut short when Fubuki tells them that they need to hurry and rescue Tatsumaki because she is losing consciousness as they speak. Meanwhile, Tatsumaki, after losing consciousness, was left on top of a tall structure defenseless. Psykos, while trying to escape Metal Knight, attempts one last shot at Tatsumaki, but Genos stopped this. We then see Metal Knight chase, after which Psykos and Tatsumaki have an incredibly cool flashback. In the flashback, we see a very young Tatsumaki being held captive in what seems like a Lab for experiments. When a monster breaks free, and all the doctors escape, Tatsumaki is left behind as she was deemed a failure. 

One Punch Man Chapter 138 Spoilers
One Punch Man Character

Just when she was going to be killed off by a Monster, we see that a mysterious man kills the monster with a single punch. This man was the No.1 Hero “Blast,” who asks her why she didn’t use her powers and that hiding it will not do anyone any good. We finally get to see Blast and also the reason why Tatsumaki has chosen to become a Hero. Tatsumaki then regains consciousness and tries to take down Psykos herself.

The chapter ends with a rather awesome panel by panel chase scene made by Murata, at the end of which both Metal Knight and Genos land on top of Psykos’s ship in order to take her down.

What will happen in the Upcoming Chapter?

Well, for those of you who read the webcomic made by ONE, you already know what is going to happen as it is almost two whole arcs ahead of the redrawn manga. One Punch Man Chapter 138 will probably showcase a bit more of Saitama, along with the defeat of Psykos. Also, another interesting thing to note is that Blast, who many think is related to Saitama or the answer to Saitama’s powers, will have more to do in the upcoming chapters as well as the upcoming arcs.

One Punch Man Chapter 138 will be released on the 10th of January 2021. So mark your calendars, as nothing beats starting the year off with some good manga and anime.

Where Can You Read The Manga?

For those of you who want to read the One Punch Man manga but don’t know where to go, I have just the thing for you. You can read all the One Punch Man manga you want on the Viz website as well as the Shōnen Jump App.

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