One Piece Chapter 995 Delayed – New Release Date And Predictions

One Piece Chapter 995

With One Piece Chapter 995 being delayed again, the torture of having to wait for an extra week is enough to make one cry has increased to a new height. One of the hardest parts about being a One Piece fan in recent times is that the Manga Chapters and the Anime Episodes are way too short. The contents of each new release are too little to satisfy the readers, especially for the manga, as the Wano Arc is nearing its climax. Onigashima has finally been raided, and major battles are ongoing; one can hardly relax as the epic rematch between Kaido and Luffy is getting closer with each new chapter. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Release Date for One Piece Chapter 995 and also discuss the possibilities in the upcoming Chapters.

One Piece Chapter 995 | Release Date

Sad news for all One Piece fans, but Oda will be taking a break next week as announced at the end of Chapter 994. The next will be coming out on the 15th of November 2020, at the earliest. So all we can do till then is patiently wait and examine what all we have been given in One Piece Chapter 994 and ponder upon the possibilities for the new chapter.

For those of you who still haven’t given One Piece a shot, man, you guys are missing out. The story writing and the consistency of One Piece have been one of the greatest we have seen in the manga. I highly recommend both the Anime and the Manga of One Piece. You can check the manga out on the official website and App by Viz Media called Shōnen Jump, or you could watch the Anime on the Official Website of Crunchyroll.

One Piece Chapter 995 | Predictions

One Piece Chapter 994, ended with Yamato, the daughter of Kaido, showing up to defend Momonosuke. Yamato apologizes to Momonosuke for being powerless to save him years ago when Oden was killed.

One Piece Chapter 995

For the upcoming chapter, I think Oda will show the fans the past of Yamato and why Yamato has turned against Kaido. Another interesting thing that I had noticed is that the way Kaido has been gratifying Oden and claiming that there was no better swordsman to exist is a build-up for Zoro and Kaido’s fight. Zoro, with his new sword and Wano being in the Land of Samurai, along with Kaido, who had fought against Oden, there is no better setting for Zoro to cement his place as the greatest Swordsman to exist.

The root of this theory stems from the fact that Kaido gratifies an Epic Death, like Whitebeard’s or Roger’s; what a shame it would be if he wasn’t even worth fighting an all-out battle with the Captain of the Strawhats. If Zoro manages to hold his own against Kaido and, in a very close contest, tends to take down Kaido, then Kaido will be robbed of the grand death that he claims so much. Of course, all of this is mere speculation, and none of this will be covered in the recent chapters, but it indeed would be an exciting turn of events. For now, we won’t be seeing a new chapter until the 15th at the earliest.