Nokia Launches Two New Model 4G Smartphones

Nokia 8000 Specification and Features
Nokia 8000 Image

Nokia is expected to launch its new model mid-range smartphone models in a few days, which are claimed to have 4G specifications. It looks like HMD Global will be launching the two new models of smartphones developed by Nokia. Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 are the two new smartphones expected to debut on the global market. Prior to this, Nokia claimed that they are interested in launching the next generation of smartphones to compete with the other mid-range smartphones. It looks like these devices manufactured by Nokia come with the Wi-Fi adaptability option for connecting over the wireless internet. Before these models, Nokia has already launched these models before many years. It’s expected that these devices have been designed to provide nostalgia for the hardcore Nokia fans. Many smartphone manufacturing company has been refurbishing their older version of smartphones with many advanced options to meet the demands of the current generations customers.

According to the latest report from the famous German site, it’s clear that the device will be improved versions of the old Nokia phones, which get embedded with a 4G LTE option. Even though the mobile manufacturing company hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the smartphone’s specification details, it looks like the device comes with the majority of the basic hardware options. Earlier, Nokia 6300 was launched in the year 2006, which had a 2-megapixel camera. It also said that the device came with the S40 OS as its core operating system, which also worked as a user interface in communicating with the device. Nokia has entered the sector to manufacture Andriod smartphones. Nokia has a long-running experience in developing mobile devices at an affordable price. Many smartphone models were introduced in the global market, which attracted millions of users towards the products.

Nokia merged with Microsoft, which started developing smartphones using the Windows operating system. The device manufactured with Windows operating system failed to compete with the fast-growing Andriod industry. After their struggle, the company faced a massive loss in the mid-years. Lack of ability to adapt to the current generation trend became a prime factor in losing the competition. Even after their many attempts, they couldn’t compete with the high standard and fast-growing industry. Even though the company is developing mobile devices at an affordable price segment, it is developing hardware devices to peek inside the mid-range smartphone segment. Recently, Nokia has announced that they will be using Android in their smartphone, which comes with the adaptability to download android applications from the play store.

Nokia 8000 Specification and Feature
Nokia 8000 Still

It looks like, along with these two devices, many other electronic mobile devices will be launching during the event. Many Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies have emerged as the next generation smartphones manufacturer by providing devices with advanced computational operations. Even the long-running smartphone manufacturing companies struggle to maintain their brand and identity among the Chinese companies. These companies manufacture smartphones with an Artificial Intelligence application, which enhances the performance of the hardware. Mobile devices have become a basic feature nowadays where these devices handle the majority of the tasks. Many startup companies have started designing a mobile device with a heavy processor to simplify the user’s everyday tasks.