Noblesse (TV) Anime Episode 4 Release Date, Preview and What to expect

Noblesse Anime

Alright, people, Noblesse Episode 3 is out and about while Episode 4 is right around the corner too. So far, the Anime has raised many questions and mysteries than explain much of anything. In the last 3 episodes, we have not seen Raizel do anything MC worthy. Although the show has brought new antagonists and given more of a motive to M-21, it hasn’t been too much action going on.

Noblesse Episode 3 | Recap

In the latest episode, Regis and M-21 are shown being extremely competitive with each other, with Regis showing his distrust and dislike towards M-21 in a comedic manner. DA-5 has started making its moves on capturing the runaways as well as finding the coffin in which Raizel was asleep. Due to the way Manabu has been acting around Regis, Yu has begun suspecting that Manabu is into guys, and although accepting it, he’s still curious about it.

We get to see the hacking abilities of Manabu when he faces off against a DA-5 member who was trying to hack into the Police Department servers. This was interrupted when Yu, who was bringing food for both Manabu and himself, trips over the power cord and disconnects Manabu. The DA-5 member is still impressed and decides not to hack completely; instead, he sends Manabu a few texts.

Noblesse Episode 3 Anime

Hammer and Shark from the DA-5 were appointed to apprehend M-21, and they do it when M-21 was walking through a park alone. M-21 tries to resist, but Shark is much more powerful, and he is barely able to keep up; and just when he was about to be defeated, the fight is interrupted by Regis and Seira. Regis being his usual condescending self, tells that Shark and Hammer can’t take M-21 without his permission. 

The leader of the DA-5 arrives and stops Shark from further hurting M-21 as the mission was to apprehend him and not injure him. Realising that DA-5 still thinks M-21 is part of the Union, he tells Regis and Seira to leave them, and once asked who they are, he just replies by saying some kids who don’t know any better. The leader of the DA-5 tells M-21 to come with them, and everyone will be able to go without getting hurt.

Noblesse | Plot Overview

The Story follows the character of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who woke up from his 820-year slumber. Raizel is a Noblesse, the one who’s above all nobles and has the duty to protect other Noble’s, but due to his extremely long slumber, he has no idea how far technology has come. Filled with multiple questions about both himself along the cause of his slumber, Raizel reunites with his loyal servant Frankenstein and begins going to a school. While interacting with people from his school, he begins looking for the answers to his questions.

Noblesse Episode 4 Release Date

The Noblesse Episode 4 will be airing on the 28th of October 2020, so stay tuned for more; and the story so far has been pretty slow; hence it’s likely that something major will go down in the coming episode. One can only cross their fingers and hope that it’s amazing. You can stream the latest episode of Noblesse on the Crunchyroll Website or the Crunchyroll App since they will be simulcasting episodes for the series.

Be sure to check out the next episode, and as always, new articles about the Anime Series will be posted at the same time next week.