New Zealand Dealing With Fresh Corona Outbreak

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New Zealand faced 13 new corona cases on  Thursday as the country is fighting against the fresh outbreak that disrupted a long run of more than 100 days without any locally transmitted infections. Along with these 13 cases the countries have announced that a total of 17 cases within a short span of time. The country has 36 active infections, including imported cases. As of now, the country has reported 1,238 confirmed cases and 22 deaths. Authorities from the national health department are warning that the number of corona cases will increase in the upcoming days.

During one of the news conferences that took place recently, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said has said that “As we all learned from our first experience with COVID, once you identify a cluster it grows before it slows,”. New Zealand was once praised by all the world health bodies for controlling the spread of deadly virus for more than three months the country recorded no transfusion of infection. The country started operating normally lifting the lockdown restrictions which was imposed early to avoid the spread of the virus.

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But things change drastically on Tuesday when the family of four in Auckland had been infected with the coronavirus. After analyzing their history it’s confirmed that these members don’t have any history of overseas travel and no connection with any known cases. This made Ardern reintroduce coronavirus restrictions by locking down the retirement homes and restrictions over the public gathering, not more than 100 members. On Tuesday Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s Director General of Health made an official statement that thirteen new locally transmitted cases all connected with the original four cases.

Many health organizations are working on finding the reason behind the transmission of the virus without any common sources between these patients. The government has imposed strict border restrictions for entering the country to all non-New Zealanders and anyone entering the country for particular reasons must spend 14 days in a state quarantine facility which is frequently ensured by the local health authorities. To predict the outbreak of deadly virus genome sequencing is adapted to decode the reason behind the outbreak of the virus. Bloomfield said to the press release that. “What we do know is that the genome sequence of the new cases broadly most closely resembles the patterns from the United Kingdom and Australia,”. This technique gives an overall idea about the spread of the virus and gives better clarity to stop those sources by spreading further affecting millions of people around the country.

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One of the four persons who were tested positive has been working in the  Americold, an American temperature-controlled warehouse company. On testing the members who were closely associated with the person it’s confirmed that three more Americold staff members had tested positive. Along with those cases, seven more members were related to the Americold staff members. Authorities from the health department are testing the warehouse company for finding out the reason for the transmission. During the initial phase of the investigation its clear that the reason behind the transmission is basically due to the human-to-human transmission.

The new outbreak of the coronavirus comes just weeks away from a national election scheduled for September 19. It’s expected that there might be a delay in the election process due to the outbreak of corona which has increased the tension whether to conduct the national election as planned or to postpones the election for some time. New Zealand is looking to avoid the similar conditions that its neighboring country is facing in recent days. Australia has been facing a huge number of cases every day where state of Victoria is reporting hundreds of new cases each day. To date, Victoria has reported more than 7,800 active cases and has reported at least 275 coronavirus deaths. This was one of the prime reasons that Newzealand has closed all its borders to stay safe and hygiene.