New Season Alert! Read All The Updates About Netflix’s Society Season 2

Society is Netflix’s mystery teen drama which was released back in 2019. Season 1 of the show originally consists of 10 episodes and all of them are available to stream on Netflix. Furthermore, the success of season 1 among teenagers and young adults led to the revival of season 2. Yikes! Society will be coming back to your screens anytime soon, but, before that, let us grab some basic details about the show and the new season.

Society is a modern take on the novel, ‘The Lord Of The Flies’ by William Golding. With some twists and extra mystery, the show has made some changes with the storyline, making it more interesting for the teenagers.

The story revolves around the students of Connecticut high school who are going to an extended camp. However, things take a harsh turn when a storm arrives and the students are made to return back to their town. Another surprise awaits them when the students find all the adults of the town missing. Seriously, some mystery it is. The kids at first thaught how no parents means parties and hangouts. But, this drill could not go for long. Things change soon and become dangerous while the teens try to unravel the mystery and face the challenges.

The show has been receiving good reviews from the audience and people can’t wait any further to witness the next season. Although the new season is about to come, we have some updates about it. So, go ahead.

Season 2 Release Date And Storyline.

We all know that the show has been renewed for another season. But, unfortunately, Netflix has not announced the date for the premiere of the new season. Considering the statistics, the first season of the show was decided back in 2018 and got released the next year in 2019. We can expect the next season to be out in late 2020 or by early 2021.

Season 2 of the society will pick up from where they left all of us. The tale of New Ham will be more adventurous as the kids will look for a way to live without their parent’s guidance. Grizz will be returning to New Ham with some helpful information and providing a way for them not to starve. Even though the town might get the food, the complete scene of the New Ham is still distraught.

Who All Will Be In the New Season? Cast Of Season 2.

According to the sources, we are expecting the following cast in the brand new season: Kathryn Newton; Gideon Aldon; Sean Berdy; Natasha LiuBordizzo; Jacques Colimon; Olivia DeJonge; and Alex Fitzalan. Along with the above-mentioned cast, Kristine Froseth, Jose Julian, Alexandar MacNicoll, and Rachel Keller will also appear in the second season Society.


If you haven’t seen the first season, make sure to binge-watch it before the release of the new season. You can check the trailer down below.