Netflix Services To Discontinue On Nintendo: Alternatives Speculated

Are you worried about why you couldn't download Netflix and add to your existing subscription on Nintendo? We have the answer

Nintendo and Netflix

When we thought 2021 would be a way better year than 2020, there is yet another devastating news. The relationship between Nintendo and Netflix is amazing. The Netflix application was launched in the Nintendo application store almost seven years back. We all, especially the Gen Z generation, enjoyed it! Now in 2021, Netflix has decided to discontinue its service. I know you guys are very disappointed but unfortunately, there no bright side to this.

Personally, I am a Nintendo user. I enjoy streaming various series and movies using my portable 3DS device. Nintendo 3DS was like my on-the-go binge-watching machine, but unfortunately, the beautiful alliance will end later this year. The application has already been taken down from the Nintendo application store and is no longer available for download. The question is, “why is this happening?”. There is so much more on the official page of Nintendo regarding this.

Nintendo and Netflix Alliance
Services of Netflix on Nintendo To Finally End On June 2021

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Terms For Discontinuation Of Netflix services From Nintendo

Starting December 31st, 2020, the Netflix application is no longer available for novice users to download from Nintendo eShop on Wii U Console or Nintendo 3DS. Nevertheless, the service will continue till June 30th, 2021, for all the existing users. So, there will be no loss in the subscription fee. Well, that is some good news? The Nintendo team has thanked everyone who enjoyed Netflix over all the available platforms. Personally, I thought something is wrong when Nintendo discontinued the 3DS back in September and quickly moved on from the Wii U. Yup, Nintendo Switch. The surprising fact is that Netflix was never available over Switch devices! Well, Hulu launched its services back in November 2017 with no confirmation from Netflix.

I am pretty sure discontinuing Netflix will affect the entire family of Wii U and 3DS consoles, particularly New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS (Older Version), Wii U Deluxe, and Wii U basic. The fact that Netflix won’t work on Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS is pretty annoying and disappointing. What do you guys think? Users are already losing their minds. Moreover, there is no clear overview by the company regarding the surprising decision. Oh, wait, guess what? Minecraft Earth will also shut down on June 30th. I am amazed as this is very bad news. According to recent speculation, it will affect a significant number of people. Believe it or not, my brother is quite pissed after the press conference went public. Let me know what you guys feel right below in the comments.

Nintendo to discontinue Netflix service
Nintendo and Netflix Alliance Comes to an end. New streaming Site To Be Made Available

The Alternative To Nintendo Sreamings

Well, there might be some good news in disguise. Any guesses? I think Nintendo will finally add its streaming platform. Some users think it’s not Netflix that decides to discontinue the services but Nintendo itself. According to them, Nintendo abandoned Wii, and now they are ending the Wii’s ability to connect to any streaming services at the end of the year. Honestly, I feel this might be a legit possibility. We all know how Nintendo stopped giving updates for applications on older devices. The developers shut down all kinds of system support for older devices, alternatively forcing them to lose their connection with the updated servers of respective applications.

In fairness, Netflix and streaming services worked on Wii longer than I expected, and it’s high time for us to say goodbye before the applications get glitchy and choppy. It’s better to die a hero than to stay alive and see one becoming a villain! For now, we know the services will discontinue this year, that is, 2021. I know you guys are pretty disappointed. Well, I am hoping Nintendo will start it’s own streaming platforms. I will post more updates once the news is confirmed. We will also let you know about the new streaming options, if available. So follow up with our page to stay updated on Games, series, and so much more!

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