My Hero Academia Season 5 – Deku Meets all ‘One For All’ Users

Season 5 of Boku No Hero Academia should soon be announced in October 2020 in upcoming Hero Fes 2020

Due to the dramatic fashion in which Season 4 of Boku No Hero Academia came to an end, so many fans are eagerly waiting for Season 5. With the introduction of new characters and the emergence of a new symbol of peace in Endeavour, the entire fandom is excited like never before for the anime. In the post-credit scene, the anime even touched the dream of Midoriya Izuku, that might hold some more answers regarding his quirk “One For All.”

With so many more moving pieces and newer mysteries to unpack. There is a high level of expectations from the fans regarding the 5th season, and you can best believe I’m hyped about it. Boku No Hero Academia, or My Hero Academia, is a Japanese manga series that’s illustrated and written by Kōhei Horikoshi. Boku no Hero Academia or BNHA for short began a full serialization in 2014 in the Weekly Shonen Jump. Now, BNHA currently has a total of 26 volumes.

The BNHA manga series is absolutely loved by its audience, both in Japan and abroad. It received an Anime adaptation in 2016. BNHA was picked up by Studio Bones, a legendary production company that has made a lot of other popular anime such as Noragami, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Darker Than Black, and many more. The first season had 13 episodes and was so well received that from the second season onwards, and it has had 25 episodes. BNHA currently has four seasons that have aired, with the 5th season also being confirmed.

boku no hero s5
Deku Powering Up in Season 4 – (c) Funimation

My Hero Academia Season 5 update:

The anime for BNHA is expected to pick the story up from chapter 191 onwards. Based on last season, it’s also likely to have 25 episodes.

There is no official announcement from Toho or Shueisha, despite many speculations regarding the Season 5 being aired in the October of 2020. Another belief is that it was supposed to be released this October but got postponed due to the pandemic.

Let me be very clear, neither of those rumors are true. Any website or article claiming to have the release dates for Season 5 is simply using clickbait. The expected, or rather belief of most fans, is that ‘My Hero Academia Season 5’ will release in April of 2021. So for now, the fans can only patiently wait for any official statement regarding the release date. Rest assured as I will be keeping my eye out for any new information and will keep you informed.

Although it’s not confirmed, most fans are expecting the release date to be announced in the “Hero Fes 2020”. “Hero Fes” is a convention specifically for BNHA and is held in Japan. This year it’s supposed to be held digitally due to the pandemic in October but will have a lot of the voice actors and other guests joining.

What Happened So Far..?

So far, in the anime, Midoriya has finally taken down his first big villain, Overhaul, that came with a lot of sacrifices. The top-ranking heroes have been disclosed for the first time in order. Endeavor has become the number one hero and is trying to live up to the title that was for so long held by “All Might.” The introduction of a new type of Nomu, this type not only has a lot of quirks but also has shown intelligence, unlike the previous ones. Amidst all this chaos, Midoriya Izuku, for the first time, makes contact with the previous users of the One For All in his dream.