My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Delayed – New Chapter will Arrive in 2021

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My Hero Academia: Episode 296

We have some news regarding chapter 296 of My Hero Academia! The news is quite disappointing, to be honest. The release date, once again, has been postponed. My Hero Academia fans have to wait a bit longer to know what happened to Izuku Midoriya. I have been waiting for the chapter for a couple of months now, so are the fans. Wait, I do have some news regarding its final release date, spoilers, and much more. I guess a bit of your pain will be nullified. So here we go!

In chapter 295, we saw Izuku Midoriya sees something weirdly surprising about Shigaraki. Deku wakes, but after he was wounded severely. Dabi’s jet burn attack did really break him. But the wonderful thing is that Todoroki is still alive and is happy to see Deku! Aren’t you all happy about that too?

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Delayed
My Hero Academia: An Art Piece Of Izuku Midoriya (One Of The Main Characters)

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My Hero Academia Chapter 296: What to expect?

We are expecting some payback from the duo of Deku and Todoroki. But the situation suggests there will be a lot of collaterals. Out of nowhere, Deku feels a stabbing sensation in his head; later, he found out it was nothing but “All For One’s Quirk” (Danger Detection). The last chapter was pretty messed up. The severe wounds have left Deku delirious, and he finds it difficult to focus and concentrate as the Quirk is creating major issues, and his lack of training also does not help him ease his agony. What do you guys feel? The final scene shifts to a battle between Morio and Mr. Compress.

Deku’s mental integrity here was pretty moving. Even when everything and everyone near him is falling apart, he remains a kind hero. What do you guys think about his perpetuity? Deku controls certain traits that many people can only imagine. His inborn goodness is a certain topic of admiration and respect. We also saw that Deku has finally mastered the danger detection ability.

Spoiler alert! Towards the end of the chapter, Deku’s All For One tells that his body is nearly perfect after losing the battle with Endeavour. Also, do you think Mr. Compress will buy more time for Shikagari?

Character Izuku Midoriya From My Hero Academia
A Scene Cut From The Previous Chapter Of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 296: When will it release?

I am pretty sure we will see more character development in chapter 296. Yet, the biggest question remains unsolved- Can Compress’ escape plan work?

Now time for the release date discussion. Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed that chapter 296 would release on January 3, 2021. Finally, some exciting news! Hopefully, they will maintain consistency. The official English version of chapter 296 will be available on Viz, Mangaplus websites, or Shonen Jump application. It’s also available for download. 

Chapter 296 will be a sure banger! A lot of questions will be answered, and we will finally come to know what will happen to Mr. Compress. 

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