My Hero Academia Chapter 294 – Will, the Heroes, Make A Final Push For Victory?

My Hero Academia Chapter 294

My Hero Academia Chapter 293’s release has left many of the Bakugō stans in a daze, and many expect Chapter 294 to be better. With the battle between the Heroes and the Villains getting closer and closer to what seems like the end, we can only hope that it’s going to end in a huge 1v1 battle between Shiragaki and Deku to cap things off. My Hero Academia Chapter 294 is about to be a must-see for all the fans, as it might be the beginning to the end of this arc. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Recap of My Hero Academia Chapter 293 and will also be discussing the Release Date of My Hero Academia Chapter 294.

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 | Recap

In the latest chapter, Lemillion is back in action and decides to battle the Nomus, so that Best Jeanist can solely focus on restraining Gigantomachia. Lemillion had finally managed to get his powers back with the help of Eri and now could take part in the raid. Obviously, he can’t take down 4 Nomus simultaneously, so he calls for backup; right then Bakugō and Nejire both join him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 294

Bakugō then announces his Hero Name to both Best Jeanist and the Rest of the World as “The God Of Explosive Destruction, Dynamight,” a name best suited for someone like Bakugō. Our attention is then shifted back to the battle between Shoto and Touya, but the battle isn’t that intense; in fact, there is only dialogue that takes place. Touya tries to burn himself up along with Shoto while mocking how broken Endeavour has become, just then Midoriya uses “Black Whip” to separate the two.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 294

Midoriya then claims that despite all the mistakes that Endeavour has made, the current Endeavour is someone who’s trying to change himself and strive to be better. This somewhat brings Endeavour back from his initial state of shock, but it’s cut short with Gigantomachia breaking free from the restraints of Best Jeanist. However, just after breaking free, Machia passes out due to the Anesthetic working from the previous chapters.

When Will Chapter 294 Release?

My Hero Academia Chapter 294 is expected to release on the 13th Of December 2020. For those of you who want to read the Manga, you can check it out at Viz Media or the Shonen Jump App. The upcoming chapter will probably feature either Endeavour coming back from his shock or Shiragaki waking up ready to fight; either way, it’s going to be really interesting to watch what happens.

What Can We Expect In My Hero Academia Chapter 294?

As of now, there are no spoiler or raw scans that have been released, but the raw scans will probably be out by the 10th of December 2020. The Spoilers for the upcoming chapter will be known by then; I’ll keep you updated about what will happen in the next chapter as and when the scans are out.