My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Might Get Delayed

My Hero Academia Chapter 292

As fans are eagerly awaiting the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 292, many are extremely excited due to the new revelations that are being made. The grand spectacle that Dabi has presented to the public shook the people’s very trust and made all the heroes seem fraud. Ever since the introduction of Dabi’s character back at the training camp arc, many speculated that he might be related to Shoto somehow, and with the recent chapters, our speculations turned into reality. In this article, we’ll be looking at My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Release Date along with the Predictions for the upcoming chapters.

What Happened In My Hero Academia Chapter 291?

The chapter opens up with Dabi, aka Touya Todoroki, and Endeavour to flashback about the past. We are shown that ever since Touya’s birth, Endeavour started experiencing a change of heart about becoming the No.1 Hero. Despite the initial belief that Endeavour’s marriage was a “Quirk Marriage,” we are now shown that despite wanting a kid with both Ice and Fire quirks, Endeavour was still fine with his progeny not having both the powers. According to Endeavour’s inner monologue, he had cast away his jealousy and resentment towards All Might being the No.1 Hero.

In the flashback, we are shown that Touya Todoroki was much stronger for his age and had more potential than Endeavour himself. However, due to an unfortunate event, Touya was claimed to be dead, and his remains were said to have burned in the fire except for his Jaw bone.

My Hero Academia Chapter 292

While this is happening, we see that in the TV broadcast being done by Dabi, more information regarding Hawks was also being revealed about how he killed “Best Jeanist” to join the Villains Association. With the world watching this broadcast that completely painted the Heroes as nothing but a fraud, we could see that Dabi successfully achieved what he set out for.

As Dabi begins to attack Midoriya, Endeavour, Shoto, and the rest, we see that Endeavour is completely dumbfounded by what all is being revealed to him. He is absolutely stunned and isn’t moving whatsoever; in the corner, we can see Shoto scream at his dad to get a hold of himself. At that moment, Best Jeanist makes his surprise return and stops Dabi’s attack.

When Is My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Releasing And What Will Happen Now?

According to recent announcements, My Hero Academia Chapter 292 will be delayed, and that it will be released on the 29th of November 2020. As for the predictions for the upcoming Chapter, it will probably be a tide-turning speech by Best Jeanist and will restore the people’s faith in Heroes. We will also be getting a flashback on how Best Jeanist survived and how Hawks managed to pull it off.

We’ll be keeping you posted on My Hero Academia Chapter 292 when we get the confirmation.