Mulan: The Live Action Adaptation of Disney Animated Movie

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Mulan: Movie Poster

We have great news regarding Mulan, the action drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Mulan’s Hollywood premiere was held back on 9th March, last year. Mulan was originally planned to be a wide theatrical release later in April 2020. The release was canceled multiple times owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. After a couple of failing deadlines, Disney decided to launch the film over digital platforms like Disney+ on September 4th, 2020. Not very long ago, people are in fact still talking about it. Do you think the delay was the reason why it ended up rather sloppy? Let us know!

The production cost was a whopping $200 million. Well, the film was a massive commercial disaster. We all were very excited about it when we first heard about the release, to be honest. A part of me was excited because of nostalgia and the other part just wanted to have something good to look forward to in the year 2020. It grossed $70 million. Very disappointing, isn’t it? The film received positive reviews. Personally, I enjoyed it. It received a lot of negative reviews from Chinese audiences owing to the poor character development and inaccurate depictions of Chinese history. Well, what did you think of it? If you haven’t seen it already then you’re in for quite a ride.

Main Character of Mulan
Mulan: Main Character Scenes

Mulan: An Introduction To The Plotline

The film revolves around an adventurous and active girl, Hua Mulan. Her parents want her to be calmer and finally wed to a good husband. Well, a lot of brown households can relate, isn’t it? As a young woman, Mulan is forced to meet a matchmaker who scored her fitness and eligibility to become a good wife. This is cringe. A spider caused a sudden panic and the tea-pot fell from her hand. The matchmaker was pretty disappointed and called her an utter disgrace. Come on guys, 85% of the world’s population is afraid of spiders! (This fortunately does not include me)

To the North, the emperor later issues a decree stating that every family to contribute one man to fight Khan’s forces. He is about to take in a lot of people so that they can fight. So, Mulan’s father will also go, or so that’s what they think. Mulan is here to the rescue. We have some interesting characters here. Hua Zhou, the father of Mulan had no sons. Mulan knew that her father has no chance in front of the Rouran army. What would you have done if you were here? There were many inexperienced recruits. After a lot of huffing-puffing, she finally becomes an eligible soldier. Good training is the key! Alternatively, Khan’s army kept on progressing forcing the training to end prematurely. Take notes from here and never skip your training folks.

Mulan chases some troops on her own before finally confronting Xianniang. Xianniang mocks Mulan for pretending to be a man. She tried to kill Mulan, but Mulan’s leather chest bounds saved her from Xianniang’s severe blows. The Rourans mercilessly slaughtered the Chinese army with a trebuchet. Mulan uses her archery skills to disable the trebuchet. That was a sight to see! She also triggers an avalanche that buries the Rourans. This specific scene gave me goose-bumps. It’s more like the battle of bastards from the Game Of Thrones.

Mulan Movie Scene
Mulan: A Scene From The Live-Action Movie

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The Ultimate Climax

Mulan rides back to camp and rescues Chen Honghui, a fellow soldier. She was expelled from the army owing to her gender identity which is no longer able to hide. I remember bawling my eyes out over this! On her way back home, she meets Xianniang who shares that even she was ridiculed for her gender. Xianniang fights for Bori Khan because he treats her as an equal. She said that the attack on the outpost is collateral. But now the exciting thing was that the true plan was to capture the Emperor for having his father killed. Mulan returns to her battalion to warn them. Tung believes her and offers her to lead a unit.

Xianniang uses her magic to disguise herself and become the Imperial Chancellor. How deceiving! She persuades the Emperor for a duel with Bori Khan. The city guards dead- the Rourans prepare to exterminate the Emperor. But our savior is here! Somehow, Mulan saves the Emperor. Khan tries to snipe Mulan with an arrow but Xianniang transforms into a bird and flies in the trajectory path. Mulan kills Khan. She frees the Emperor and finally returns to her parents. Bravo to that! Mulan goes home, making them very proud.

Cast Details And Availability

Yes, that’s all. Personally, I think the film was kind of a drag. The plot loses its significance after the first half. The film would have been a lot better with more elaborate character development. Most importantly, it was not as fun as the previous animated one. They should have just left it how it was without doing a live-action. Niki Caro directed the film with much enthusiasm though. Chris Bender, Jake Weiner along with Jason T. Reed produced it. The cast was pretty good with Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Tzi ma, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Ron Yuan, Gong Li, and Jet Li. I know you have not heard about them a lot, this is because of the Chinese origin. At least the representation was there, which makes me very happy.

That’s all with Mulan. You can watch it on Disney, it is easily available there. I think my cousins have watched it 5 times now already! Though the latter half was not that intriguing, it sure is a good watch with a lot to offer than what we read in the reviews. For more movie deliberation follow up with our page. We will update you with all the latest details on your favorite shows, movies, and games. Need movie suggestions? We are right here! Stay tuned and stay entertained this year.

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