Moxie Is Scheduled To Premiere in 2021, Air Date Is Out Already

If you are a big fan of comedy, then Moxie is the best choice for you!

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Moxie Netflix 2021

Hey guys, welcome back. After all, we know that this is a bittersweet year for you. You will be undoubtedly ecstatic that all the movies in the After trilogy have finished being filmed. You can not wait for them to release. I guess you know that this will be the last time you can get to see your favorite couple on the big screen. Unless Anna Todd writes another book, and as an Alternator, this will be my dream come true. We can see our beloved Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and our beautiful Josephine Langford play the very passionate yet very different couple. Well, worry not, we can make up for the lost screen time with this new 2021 movie Moxie featuring Josephine Langford as one of its main leads.

You all know 2020 was not the best year for the movie industry. Yet they match into new projects that will assuredly entertain all the young people who are stuck at home. We have no choice but to have an agonizing wait for the new movies to release. I have been a huge fan of Anna Todd since day 1. I loved and read all the series of After over quotes and Wattpad.

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Moxie 2021: All We Need To Know

Though we have been getting new series and movies on the online platforms, they just do not capture the essence of just sitting in a dark hall, munching on popcorn and waiting for the movie to begin. I guess that by opening the movie halls, the government is trying to give the people a feeling of normalcy in their lives again. But let’s hope that everyone follows the safety guidelines provided by the government to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Moxie is an American comedy-drama film that is based upon a book of the same title, penned by Jennifer Mathieu. Moxie is being directed by Amy Poehler. The cast list features many rising gens among this growing industry. It is scheduled to release on the online platform Netflix. Now, all we can do is hope that the Corona Virus does not make our lives more miserable by ultimately being the reason for its delay. Let’s hope that this does not happen. This very American coming of age drama film is being directed by Amy Poehler, Morgan Sackett, and Kim Lessing.

The announcement of this movie came to us as a blessing in February 2019. It was announced that Amy Poehler would direct the film, whose screenplay would be written by Tamara Chestana. It was also announced that she would serve as a producer under her Paper Kite Production banner. Everyone was delighted to hear that Netflix distributing team would be in charge of the distribution of this upcoming movie. Within November 2019, most of the star-studded cast list was confirmed.

Moxie Characters
Moxie Movie: A Few Characters

When Can We Expect Moxie In 2021?

This much-awaited teen drama film is set to release on March 3rd, 2021. Be sure to watch out for this movie’s trailer, and do not forget to stream it on Netflix on its release date! I know that this movie does not come that close to what we had with Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford on screen, but I can assure you that this movie has all of that teen angst and all the struggle of the nowadays teens. Moreover, you can have a look at it on Amazon!

Well, you will be delighted to know that we have secured the cast list, especially for you. You will be glad to know which one of your beloved actors and actresses. They will have the honorable chance to bring this adaptation to life. We will see Josephine Langford as Emma Johnson, Patrick Schwarzenegger as Michael Wilson, Hadley Robinson as Vivian, Lauren Tsai as Claudia, Nico Hiraga as Seth Acosta, and Ike Barinholtz as Mr. Davis.

As we come to the end of this article, you can see that we have secured the release date as well as the cast list, especially for you. Stay tuned for more release dates and cast lists. We hope you are enjoying this new year just as much as we are.

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