Motorola Moto G Variant is Leaked To Come With Snapdragon 865 SoC Processor

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The upcoming lineup of Motorola Moto G is one of the most successful models of the smartphone manufacturing company has been upgrading with its internal hardware component to meet the demands of the current generation of youngsters. To take forward its smartphone product, the company has improved this smartphone series using the latest processors and other software features. It’s quite clear that this company is inserted in maintaining its brand quality and also to provide much priority to the demands of its hardcore customers. The company has sold millions of smartphone units within the last couple of months. Motorola holds a strong distribution network in many South Asian countries both through the online platforms and offline stores located in various regions of different parts of the countries.

Motorola New Model Moto G Specification

Its made clear that this imminent model from the manufacturing company comes with the Snapdragon 800 processor as its core internal component in carrying out the majority of the computational operations. This is the latest model processor that’s developed by the Qualcomm processor manufacturing company exclusively for smartphones. It looks like many other leading smartphone manufacturing companies will also be developing their new model smartphone using this processor. Qualcomm has been developing a compactable smartphone processor for a song period of time.

The processor manufacturing company has also recently announced its 5G supported processor. This new smartphone product from the smartphone manufacturing company has been codenamed as ‘Nio.’ The images on the front portion of the smartphone have been shared through the inner courses, which have created a huge response from its customers all around the world. The front portion of the smartphone looks quite cool when compared with its previous model smartphone, which was quite heavier and broader for holding. Moto G-branded smartphone looks to come with a thick bezel all around the smartphone, making it more repellent against stress and other external forces.

Moto G9 Plus
Moto G9 Plus Image

Model Moto G Features and Options

Two hole-punch cuts placed on the front portion of the smartphone gives a clear idea about its dual selfie camera option. Most of the smartphone developed by the leading smartphone manufacturing companies coming these days has dual-selfie camera option for capturing selfie image. It’s clear that the Moto has gone a step further in adding dual-lens on the front portion of the smart device. Based on the latest information from the leaked images suggest that this smartphone from Motorola gets a Snapdragon 865 SoC processor. This is the first new dole smartphone developed by Motorola, which comes with an advanced processor.

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It looks like this new model smartphone from the manufacturing company comes with the Samsung DeX-like desktop interface. This interface provides multiple options for users to interact with the device. It’s expected that this smartphone might be coming up with the high-end specification. It’s quite clear that this smartphone might support high bandwidth gaming applications. The device features 12 GB of ram, which gets coupled with the Snapdragon 800 processor. The device runs above Android 11 as its default operating system option. The outer portion of the smartphone comes with the USB Type-C port for the charging option. This port can also be used for sharing information with external devices through a wired connection.