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Oneplus has recently launched its affordable smartphone, Nord. This phone became a talk of the town that the company has finally agreed to produce a smartphone for the common individual at normal rates. Even it couldn’t be called the proper Oneplus smartphone; it has few of the main features that a higher range smartphone in their brand currently has. Other than developing affordable smartphones, the company has also created wireless headphone which got released to the outer public early this year. There is a lot of curiosity about their “T” version of the latest flagship smartphones. The manufacturer has not yet made any official announcement about the T version of OnePlus 8T. Still, we could able to see rumors while going across web pages on the internet.

To answer my curiosity, I spent my time searching for a piece of information, not bad; the internet has answered a few of my queries, which I wish to share with you. On getting back to the release date of previous “T” version smartphone-like Oneplus 6T and Oneplus 7T, they are launched at the end of the year. To be more accurate about the detail about the release date, Oneplus 6T got released in November 2018, whereas Oneplus 7T was released in September 2019. It’s clear to that certain percentage that the 8T version of their device might get released later this year. Even if it gets delayed due to the lockdown, there are chances that it gets released within December 2020. We could see the OnePlus 8T before December 2020, but we need to wait patiently until the official announcement drops.

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The cost of the product is one of the main features that most of the common people will look other than specification and features as many know that  OnePlus has launched the previous smartphone with slightly higher prices for the boxes of features that are added to the device. Oneplus is one of the mobile manufacturing companies that had included a fingerprint sensor beneath the touch display earlier than any other company. There is not any official announcement about the price details of Oneplus 8T, based on the price details of the previous versions of smartphones, which were released in 8 series version gives glimpses of an idea about the price details of 8T if it gets released. We would like to share with you the price details of OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, which are $699 and $899, respectively. These price details portrait the uncleared image of the cost of Oneplus 8T.

T version of Oneplus includes almost every feature from their previous versions of the same series.  In the history of the T series flagship smartphones, there won’t be any changes in the outer design of the mobile where it has more changes and updates in the hardware version of the mobile. To bring changes in the above assumption, the company brought a different appearance outlook in their last version T series smartphones. It’s a debating topic for many avid lovers that either 8T comes with the design changes or gets similar to the last version of the mobile. Screen configuration of the mobile doesn’t have many changes where users can experience similar screen refreshing rates. Pieces of information from the uneducated sources have increased the curiosity and excitement towards the upcoming smartphone. Oneplus is a company that has produced many quality products in recent times will make its official announcement about its product soon in a way to answer users’ queries.