MinamiCon 27 Has Been Postponed To March Of 2022 Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

In A Statement Released On The Official Website, MinamiCon Has Been Postponed.


The Southampton based Anime Convention, MinamiCon, has released a statement on its Official Website regarding the status of the MinamiCon 27. Considered the longest-running Anime and Japanese Cultural Convention in the UK, the 27th Convention was scheduled to take place from 12th March to 14th March of 2021. In the statement released, the MinamiCon committee announced that MinamiCon 27 will be postponed all the way to 11th-13th March of 2022 due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the statement, they had expected the situation to have become better by now and that people gathering would have been allowed by now but after careful consideration, they have decided it would be irresponsible on their part to proceed with the Convention.

The statement also informed the people who have already registered for the Convention, their registration will be carried forward to newly announced dates but if people want to cancel their registration they can get a full refund with no cancellation charges. Also for the people who have pre-registered and haven’t yet paid the money, the payment deadline has been extended to mid-2021 and the people will be contacted as the deadline gets closer for confirmation.

Another interesting bit of information that was released in the statement was that the MinamiCon committee is dabbling in the idea of hosting a Virtual Event/Convention in place for the MinamiCon 27 that is set to be held in 2021. There isn’t much information about this matter, however, they have mentioned that if people have any ideas or can help in the matter they can reach out to them.

About The Convention | MinamiCon 27


Running for 26 consecutive years, MinamiCon is held in Southampton Hotels in the UK. Featuring Masquerades, Karaoke, Cosplay Café along with several panels and workshops about anything Japanese Pop Culture related. Each year the MinamiCon has a theme and for the 27th MinamiCon, it was Detective Conan. Another cool thing about the convention is the huge amount of shopping from Japanese snacks to Anime merchandise, and Games Room that has consoles as well as many quizzes and puzzles to take part in.

What started off as 4 video rooms showing anime, a pub quiz, masquerade, karaoke, artist alley, dealer’s room, and a games room has now become the longest-running Anime convention in the UK with wide range panels, featured Guests, and much more.

MinamiCon is but one of much popular anime and Japanese pop culture conventions that are being canceled or postponed for the year 2020-2021 to a much later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This as a fan and as an audience is very disheartening to see but an absolutely correct measure taken by the organizers of these Conventions.

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