Microsoft Has Announced Shortening Their Internet Web Browsers Service

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The Internet is one of the important inventions of the 21st century; it has provided an excellent platform for many global businesses. Internet Explorer is one of the first browsers that allows users to use the internet through their operating system. Microsoft has launched the browsers before many years; even many of us come to know about the power of the internet. Soon after the launch of web browsers Internet explorer faded out form the industry, it was basically used to download another browser while setting up the initial phase of the system. To withstand the competition, Microsoft has launched a recently launched Chromium-based Edge browser, which was made available to all the leading versions of Microsoft Windows and IOS. Recently The Redmond company has come forward and announced their phaseout for the departure of IE11, which is expected to be started from November 30. The new development of the web-based system browser came within a short span of time after launching the previous version of the browser.

During the initial progress of the phase-out process from November 30, Microsoft Teams Web app will stop supporting IE11. This is to give an idea to the users that the Internet Explorer will be out of existence within the few months. Following this initiative, the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and other similar services provided by the company will no longer support the browser. In a social blog post released by Microsoft, it said that “Customers have made business-critical investments in IE11 legacy apps, and we respect that those apps are still functioning”. Its also made clear that the company will continue to develop a browser to support the advanced functionality to withstand the highly competitive industry. The company has been continuously working on several other options to provide users enhanced browsing experience.

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Recently launched modern-day Edge browser includes similar features like Internet Explorer so that users don’t find a hard time using the browsers. Microsoft has also stressed that the new web browser will have “faster and more responsive Web access”. By tractioning current browsers that are available in the market, the company is removing browsers based on the proprietary EdgeHTML engine instead of the open-source Chromium project. Its been officially announced that the company will withdraw all their support from March 9, 2021. After the scheduled date, there won’t be any security patches that will be made available to the browsers.

Microsoft has unveiled the count of users using their modern-day Edge browsers on a daily basis. The company has also announced that it has updated most of the features in its recent launch, which received positive comments from the users, according to the recent survey conducted by several organizations, its clear that Microsoft Edge has reached the second spot leaving behind the most popular web browsers like Firefox and many others.  Due to its optimized feature, it has reached the nearest stage of what Google Chrome is today. Chrome has proved its dominance in the entire global internet market, with more than a million active users using the software on a daily basis. Chrome has the many built-in application that is available in the chrome store, which helps the users in maintaining their daily tasks on the go.

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As the process of improving internet connectivity with the users, Microsoft added their new browsers in their windows update. This update features are made available since July of this year. Other than using this software in windows,  it’s also made available in MAC OS.