Mi 11 Pro to come with a QHD+ display, Specifications And Features

Mi 11 Pro Specification and Details
Mi 11 Pro Still

Mi 11 Pro, manufactured by the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, is expected to make its debut entry into the South Asian countries during the start of next year. Minor information about the smartphone regarding the display specifications has been leaked over the internet, which has attracted its customers towards the companies upcoming smartphone. Mi has been developing an affordable smartphone with advanced hardware specifications for quite a long period of time. The company has a strong audience base in Asian countries, which is estimated to be more than a million active users using their smartphone models.

Mi 11 Pro Display Specification

It’s said that the upcoming smartphone Mi 11 pro will feature with QHD+ display, which is an advanced display option that is mostly found in high-range smartphones. The display of the smartphone plays an important role in reaching the audience; every company in smartphone manufacturing has been continuously upgrading the display feature of the device to a considerable extent over the years. Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10T Pro are the two model device that comes with the lower full-HD+ display option. This feature in the companies old model device, which got released during the mid of the current year, allowed its users to experience high-quality video content.

It’s expected that Mi 11 Pro from Mi will be coming with the upgraded version of the refresh rate. This option increases the response rate of the mobile through its high power processor and sensitive display unit. It looks like the company has planned to provide a smoother viewing experience than its existing Mi-series flagships. Mi has already entered the market space through its 5G supports smartphone, which has the ability to adapt to fast internet facilities. It looks like Mi 11 Pro will also come with the hardware specification to support the 5G option making it more reliable than its previous model devices. Along with Mi 11 Pro, it’s expected that Mi 11 will also be making its entry into the Asian market.

Mi 11 Pro
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Mi 11 Pro Features

It’s reported that this new model device from Mi will feature a 120Hz display unit. This display unit of the smartphone comes with the QHD+ resolution on top. It looks like Mi has gone one step further in providing extra space on a 90Hz rate, which is slightly higher than its Mi 10 Pro model. It’s leaked that Mi 11 Pro will be coming with the single selfie camera sensor. This lens camera sensor of the device is placed on the top-left corner of the screen. The curved display unit provided with the smartphone gives a complete look enhancing the product to compete with the high range of smartphones that currently available in the global market.

Samsung initially introduced this kind of curved display in their flagship smartphones, which received an overwhelming response from the audience through its unique appearance. Following this, many Chinese manufacturing companies have started building their smartphone using this kind of display unit in the mobile devices. It looks like Mi 11 Pro comes under model number M2012K11C, which is found through the smartphone testing sites. It’s expected that the two model smartphones, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 SoC as its core internal component and basically run on Android 11. Mi has further enhanced its camera feature of the device with a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera sensor that is placed behind the smartphone camera.