Metal Lords – Everything To Know About the New Teen Musical Drama Movie

Metal Lords Netflix

A new project from the creators of HBO’s Game of Thrones is on its way. However, with all the information received, it will be very different from their epic hit show. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, who are widely known for their period drama series, Game Of Thrones, are coming with something different this time. Benioff and Weiss are creating, writing, and producing their new project, Metal LordsMetal Lords will be a teen musical movie. A lot of details regarding the new movie is out. From characters to production status, we happen to get our hands on all the major details. So, go ahead and get all the info on the new movie.

Metal Lords Netflix

The new movie will be a part of the duo’s expansive deal with Netflix. Among many projects, Metal Lords is first getting delivered to the streaming giant. Weiss and Benioff have announced other projects for Netflix as well. But, Metal Lords is the one in the limelight currently.

Metal Lords: Production And Release Date

Initially, Metal Lords was supposed to start filming in July 2020. However, production was put to a halt due to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Later, it was revealed that filming would begin in October 2020, in Portland, Oregon, US. But it didn’t happen as well. Thanks to Tara Dublin, who informed the fans that filming began on Nov 16, 2020. Dublin posted the news on Twitter.

Metal Lords Netflix
Peter Sollett to direct Metal Lords

As for the release date, both Netflix and the creators of Metal Lord have not revealed any specific date. But, considering the production status, we can expect the film to release in mid-2021 or by the end of 2021.

Production Company Bighead Littlehead is associated with the movie. 

Moreover, Greg Shapiro (The Hurt Locker) is also serving as the producer besides Weiss and Benioff. Peter Sollett (Freeheld), who is a Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation Award winner, will be directing the film. Sollett is also set to direct the upcoming live-action video game Minecraft.

Plot And Further Details. 

The official synopsis of the film explains that the story is about two teen boys and a girl. The two boys are looking for a bass player but couldn’t find one; instead, they find a girl who is amazing at playing the cello. The three later decide to start a metal band and win the Battle of Bands. Besides their dreams for the band, the three members also have to work on their differences if they want to succeed.

We also have some details on the main characters of the film. So, make sure not to miss out. The three main characters of the film and band are Hunter, Kevin, and Emily.

Hunter belongs from a dysfunctional family and is usually uncomfortable around people. He suppresses his emotions with his passion for music. He later meets Kevin, who is a shy kid but with a big heart. The duo comes together to express their love for music and forms a band. Hunter helps Kevin to come out out of his comfort zone and helps him as the bandleader. The duo then finds Emily, a cello player, and also the real musician of the band.

The three together face problems as bandmates and also as people. To avoid conflicts and win the Battle of Band, they try to work for the better.