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After the successful launch of its Dimensity 800 and 820 midrange chipsets, MediaTek has come up with another chipset that could able to support advanced features. New Dimensity 800U is their official third entry in the mid-range mobile series category. MediaTek has acquired market space through its advanced chipset hardware that’s mostly used in Redmi and BBK’s mobiles. Qualcomm is a long runner in the mobile chipset manufacturing has been overplaying the market for more than a decade. Most of the leading smartphone manufacturing companies have made an agreement to use their product in their upcoming mobiles. Samsung is one of the big companies which most often use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. There are many processors that are available with various features in the snapdragon segment.

Dimensity 800U has released its new segment to provide a healthy competition to the other chipset manufacturers in the market. When compared with the previous chipsets Launched by MediaTek, this particular version of the chipset has many new specifications like integrated 5G modem, dual 5G SIM support along with that it has a higher processing speed that makes the mobile instantly active for every process. The entire chipset is built on the TSMC 7nm process which has the new age abilities like dual Voice over New Radio, and 5G two-carrier aggregation. The upgraded higher speed CPU is used for two Cortex-A76 cores, which produces  2.4Ghz this is far advanced when compared to the previous version, which can produce 2.0GHz on the Dimensity 800. Similar to this, there are also six Cortex-A55 cores working at 2.0GHz.

MediaTek Images
MediaTek Images

Graphical User Interface has Mali-G57 MC3 while the memory storage used while processing is increased to UFS 2.2 speeds. Graphical features are the next generation of computer technology, most smartphones users love to spend their time playing high-quality mobile games. Using these applications it consumes a huge amount of graphical content that needs high graphical processing speed. It also has  800U supports FHD along with display panels with up to 120Hz refresh rates. Refreshing rate of the mobile forms the basic and primary features that make the mobile’s first appearance. These processors are built with the capacity which could handle up to 64MP camera sensors with 4K video recording at 30FPS.


Based on the reports from the international benchmarking companies, the new chipset looks far superior to other chipsets that are currently available. AnTuTu, one of the leading software benchmarking tool based in China is known for evaluating mobiles phones and other electronic gadgets claim that Dimensity 800 has CPU score of 124,080 whereas Snapdragon 765G only performs to score of 102,643. These tests are conducted in the certified condition by sending the constant amount of byte into the processor to check its prominence. There are chances that these chipsets might perform even better in real environmental conditions that produced test results. These numbers give a considerable result than the previous processor by increasing the processing speed to 20%.

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When compared with similar range chipsets from their competitor Qualcomm these chipsets look far better in their performance result. It was earlier compared with the Snapdragon 765G, on the result it’s evident that it matches higher-grade versions like Snapdragon 845. It’s clear that MediaTek is an upcoming company that is most suited for mid-range mobiles.