Matilda Netflix Release Date – Reboot for a Classic Movie

All The updates about the Netflix's Matilda Reboot are here with all the important details.

Matilda was first released back in 1966. It is based on a novel by Roald Dahl of the same name. However, Netflix is bringing the fantasy movie back, get ready nineties kids. Matilda has been playing in London West End since 2001 and has even been played on Broadway. It surely will break all the records again this time.

After its nationwide success, Matilda is up for another adaptation, this time, it will be released on Netflix and in theatres. Moreover, if you love those nineties musicals, you’re going to love the Matilda reboot. So, buckle up, movie, and music lovers.

Although the details about the movie are still not transparent to us, we will make sure, to keep you updated. Go ahead and find all the new catch on the new Netflix’ movie Matilda down below.

According to the sources, Ralph Fiennes has bragged the role of Miss Trunchbell. Besides, after portraying the role of Voldemort, it won’t be difficult for Fiennes to play the bad guy again. Since a man played the role of Miss Trunchbell in the stage version, the audience won’t be surprised to see a male Ms. Trunchbell again.

Apart from that, Jodie Comer (Killing Eve)  is in rumors to play the role of Miss Honey. Previously, Emma Stone was tipped to play the role of the sweet teacher. Nothing is sure as of now, regarding the roles of Matilda and her favorite partner, her teacher. Sadly, there is not enough information about the actors who will be playing Matilda’s parents.

What Will Be Matilda About?

The new adaptation is completely based on the 1988 Roald Dahl’s novel. It will be adapted by Matthew Warchus, who was also the director of the stage adaptation. Accompanying Warchus will be Dennis Kelly who originally wrote the screenplay.

The story will be just as classic as before revolving around a young girl with Telekinetic powers. She uses her powers to do good and bad as well, but, only to the bad people and bullies. Matilda experiences adventures with her powers and is most likely to continue them in the new adaptation as well.

As for her character, Matilda is a genius who is very fond of reading, and, she often finds herself in the library away from her neglectful parents. Although there’s no trailer for the new movie yet, you can check out the one for the former one, we are linking it down below.

Matilda: Release Date

Matilda’s release date should be in late 2021. The movie is a partnership between Sony Pictures and Netflix and it will release in theatres, but, the official release date is not out yet. The movie will hit theatres first and later go on to stream on Netflix. As per the information, the filming has not started yet, meaning, we have to wait a little longer before we can experience the movie.