Marvel Character Echo’s First Look Revealed in a Hawkeye Set Video

We are back again with brand new details about Echo, the new character from Hawkeye.

Hawkeye Marvel Studios

Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton is now back. Not only that, we have their role starring as the main character. And guess what? Aqua Cox is now the character Echo in the Disney Plus show! Aren’t you glad that now we have a new face in the Hawkeye productions set? Hailee Steinfield will star as Kate Bishop, and I personally think that this will be a huge hit. At least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has to be a hit!

Now we know for sure that Marvel studios are beginning the productions. We have video proof from the set itself and our very wonderful Echo too. As soon as the filming in the Hawkeye set to begin, it took over social media by scores. You won’t believe this, but most of the information that we know about the characters is from nothing but pictures and videos from the set.

Echo's First Look Revealed
Hawkeye Character Echo

I think Lucky ( Pizza Dog) and Kate Bishop and Clint were some of the first pictures to surface. Then, later on, they let us know about the main characters and who will be playing them. I think it’s really sweet of them also to show us a video of Cox. Obviously, she was rehearsing something from the show. Would you like to guess fro what kind of scene it was once the show is out? Keep guessing.

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Cast Members And Updates On The Upcoming Series

We have a lot of members who will join us for the series. All of this came up right after the pictures from the set started to flood social media platforms. They did not hesitate to quickly announce the cast members (finalized ones) to all of us. Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremy Renner, Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga, Fre Fee, Alaqua Cox, Zahn McClaren, and Tony Dalton are seemingly the main ones. All the exciting characters like Clown and Swordsmen will be here! Moreover, we know that Marvel’s Black Widow will also be in Hawkeye’s show.

From the leaked video, the fans also manage to make out Maya getting out of a cab. Surprisingly, fans managed to do this even though the quality of the video was not very nice. However, do you think Zahn McCarlon is playing William Lopez? Maya is a very needed character in the show. She represents culture ( as she is a native American) and has excellent character skills and powers. It’s incredible how Cox actually uses sign language to talk to Maya in the set. I think it gives more representation to Americans as well as the disabled.

Hawkeye and Echo
Marvel Studios Hawkeye

There are a lot of things that are, in fact, different from the comics. One of the very noticeable things is that Echo does not have a white handprint. Now in the comic series, this was important because of Wilson Fisk. We will know more about how and why this did not appear in the sets.

Are you excited about this Phase 4 series? I think we all are patient enough to wait and not rush over things just by looking at the videos from the Hawkeye set. For more details, stay tuned to our page! Games, series, movies, you name it- we have all updates on it.

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