MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger Specification And Details

MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger
MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger Still

Soon after starting their iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max shipping, Apple has announced its newly developed new MagSafe Duo. One of the main advantages of these products is that this device can simultaneously share with two devices. Apple has been launching several hardware devices and accessories for the last couple of months. This is one product that was announced earlier during the iPhone 12 launch. The MagSafe charger’s upgraded version, which got released last year, comes with multiple options for charging dual devices. This device from Apple has been designed in such a way that it can charge the iPhone and the Apple Watch simultaneously.

Apple started selling its chargers separately from its iPhone model devices. These chargers are known for their quality and performance. The MagSafe Duo Charger comes with an option to fold over another, making it more compactable for usage while traveling. The device’s power adapter is sold separately, where Apple recommends its user to purchase 20W USB-C Power Adapter from their stores. The company is known for developing high-grade computational devices for the last couple of years. It’s estimated that the company fetched more than a billion-dollar in its revenue each year through selling laptops. Other than these, the company has a strong knowledge of designing other electronic equipment.

MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger Specification

The outer materials of the kind of MagSafe Duo charger are made up of rubbery white material. Press-molding technology has been used for designing this product, which makes it looks cozier. It looks like Apple has followed dome quality standards while designing this device. The company has upgraded its new model charge for making it easier for their customers to charge both their smartwatch and iPhone using the same charging device. The outer material of the device is made of a material that is a little bit grippy, which assures that the device is comfortable while holding. It looks like a magnetic material is placed inside the device, which keeps the mobile from flipping to the charger.

MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger
MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger Image

To achieve the maximum efficiency in their iPhone devices, the automatic alignment option that comes with it makes it to keep the device in the proper position for better charging ability. It’s clear that Apple has spent more time designing and engineering its chargeable device, making it look compact. Apple is known for developing innovative products that make the company known for developing advanced products. Every electronic gadget manufacturing company must get additional information from the R&D team to withstand the tightly competitive industry. Lighting to USB-C cable in the box provided with the device makes the user know that their device is currently charging.

The chargers are made available in four different color options. Red, Saddle Brown, Pink Citrus, and Baltic Blue are the four different colors that are designed while developing these chargers. Apple has maintained its standard color option in its devices, making it look unique from the rest of the mobile devices. Apple Watch charger flips up, which allows the user to it in nightstand mode.