MacOS 11 Big Sur Update And Features: All we know so far

MacOS 11 Big Sur Update
MacOS 11 Big Sur Still

MacOS 11 Big Sur is the new version of the operating system the apple has introduced for its macintosh devices. It looks like the version of the operating system comes with enhanced versions of the user interface options. This newly developed operating system from Apple is expected to improve performance while coupling with Apple’s new M1 chip. This chip from Apple is also known as Apple silicon that the company has recently introduced in the global market. This update has brought classic Mac startup sound, which was present in their previous version of the operating system that the company has developed earlier exclusively for their devices. Apple is known for providing absolute security for its users by securing their personal data.

This update comes with similar security features and options for securing the user’s personal data. It looks like this new update from Apple comes with multiple features that were present in the previous version of the operating system. Excellent design elements that were a part of the previous update were included in this update. It also contains some of the popular features that Apple users were enjoying in the hardware applications. It’s clear that this update might be bringing in some of the most expected consistency options in their wide variety of hardware devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple is known for providing an enhanced user-friendly experience in the hardware device, making it look better than any other computer. The company has been maintaining its standards for a long time.

These products have brought huge revenue to the company mainly due to its performance and hardcore features for processing the computational inputs. MacOS 11 Big Sur has brought in some of the most important changes in altering the icons’ size. The icons found in the previous version of the macOS update have been altered and replaced with the much detailed version. Apple has always shown its active interest in designing its icon structure right from its first generation of operating systems. The company has even introduced new styling patterns over the year, which has become a prime structure for many companies in designing their operating system. MacOS 11 Big Sur is already released during November this year. It looks like all the upcoming devices from Apple will be coming up with this latest model, operating system.

MacOS 11 Big Sur
MacOS 11 Big Sur Image

The 3D pattern used in designing the logo looks like the company has incorporated some of the styles from the 2013 update. These icons in the MacOS 11 Big Sur looks quite heavy, which keep it idle for the touch. Even though the company has followed its traditional standards in designing its update, it feels quite less complete while accessing these buttons. It felt like these icon patterns don’t meet the actual comfort that the UI is built to provide to its users. Craig Federighi, Apple’s software chief, has addressed that this is the biggest forward leap that the company has gone forward every since their last MacOs 10 update. This is the main reason that Apple has decided to go for MacOs 11 in naming their update.

In this new update, Safari, which is an Apple browser, has been upgraded to provide a built-in Privacy Report. Privacy Report button placed in the side option of the browsers early gives an idea over the third-party application trying to peek into their system that it has restricted. It also has numerous updates over the messaging app where it was made lightweight compared with its previous model, operating system update.