Lucid Launches Its First Sedan Model


After the five years of development, Lucid has finally unveiled its first Electric car through a virtual event. it was announced earlier that the company has planned to launch its first electric vehicle through video conferencing due to the COVID19 restrictions. The video conferencing took place from the Silicon Valley headquarters where the major official discussions will be handled. The journey of the company started as a high-performance battery supplier for Formula E racing teams. The company changed its name to Lucid and started preparing itself to developed mid-range cars that use electricity as it’s fuel. It was claimed that this model car will be unveiled during the New York Auto Show which was earlier planned to happen during the start of this year. Due to a few reasons, the launch got delayed.

The company got direction after hiring Peter Rawlinson as a CTO later he was appointed as the CEO. He was known as the kingpin in designing Tesla Model S. Company made several announcements during the last couple of months. The company said that it will reach 517 miles of range on a single charge, this announcement was seen as one of the important features. It’s noted that no other electric vehicle that’s available in the global market has the capacity to produce huge millage similar to this model. After their final stages of testing the company claimed that their aerodynamic use in the vehicle will allow reaching a quarter-mile in under 10 seconds. While speaking about the engine power of the vehicle. it’s announced that Lucid Air will have 1,000 horsepower.

Many companies have made a promise to produce emission-free vehicles within a decade. Its strongly said that most of these companies are using Tesla technology in designing their vehicles. With no doubt, Lucid is one such company that has slight traces of Tesla vehicle design. We cant come to the conclusion that Lucid Air will capture the majority of the share from Tesla. There are certain features that help the vehicle look significant from other EVs. Lucid claims that the sedan will have inbuilt Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant. This feature will help the drivers and other passengers to help them choosing the circuit, attending mobile calls without any hand gesture operations, and changing their desired music through their voice commend.

Lucid Air
Lucid Air Still

Voice assistance features help the driver focus on the roads other than that it doesn’t ensure total freedom from driving. Lucid has made its plans earlier to launch the sedan type vehicle in the US market. Based on the latest reports, it’s clear that more than 50 percent of the cars sold in 2019 is the sedan. Its added that this margin will considerably increase in the upcoming years. The company has announced that they have opened their refundable reservations for Air as $1000 whereas they charge $7,500 for the Dream edition. The company has announced that the company will start delivering its first sedan model during spring 2021. The company has already started working on its second version of the sedan type cars which is expected to have its manufacturing unit in Saudi Arabia. It officially announced that the manufacturing plant will be set up in Casa Grande, Ariz.