Look How Chloe Zhao Made A Delicate Road Movie, ‘Nomadland’ In Secret – See Teaser Now!


Nomadland is an upcoming American drama film written and helmed by Chloe Zhao. Recently a 58-second teaser for the film was released featuring actress Frances McDormand. Moreover, we see McDormand’s character walking along, lost in her own world. Also, it is a clear representation of the world we are living in currently. Apart from this, Nomadland is a follow up to Zhao’s acclaimed film, ‘The Rider‘ (2017).


The movie is an adaptation of Jessica Bruder’s non-fiction, “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century.” The book is about people living in and traveling to America in search of work.

So, let’s go ahead and get to know more about Zhao and her new project:

Nomadland And The Making:Zhao’s POV

Zhao is a great filmmaker and she is proving herself day by day. With Nomadland, Zhao shot the complete road movie in secret. Also, the movie consists of real-life nomads found at once. Besides, she also managed to work on her other project under Marvel Studios.

The star of the movie, McDormand had been admiring the nomad life for a while now and then talked about the book with one of the producers, Peter Spears. However, things were different from Zhao’s point of view. She made the story more personal, by designing a mesmerizing depiction of West America. Zhao, who also wrote the screenplay filled the movie with real inhabitants to capture the true ecosystem. Her extreme talent can be seen in the teaser and McDormand’s acting skills are perfectly complimenting it.

Chloe Zhao Nomadland

We put our heads together in this little bubble and didn’t really think about the outside world,” Zhao said. She said that she is not the kind of filmmaker who just makes, films. She said she needs to be in love with her subject, so, she could learn more about it. Zhao also said, “Someone once said to me that passion doesn’t sustain, but curiosity does. I have to be excited by little things I discover along the way.”

Zhao and McDormand first met in 2018 before the Independent Spirit Awards. McDormand was nominated for best actress, whereas, Zhao recieved a grant of $50000 for women directors. And, from the duo developed their interest for a single act which is now called Nomadmand.

Release Date

The movie will be in the theatres on December 4, 2020. Moreover, it will open at the major festivals having dual premiers at once. On 11th September, the movie will be screened at Venice and Toronto followed by a drive-in screening in Los Angeles.

The movie features Frances McDormand along with David Strathairn and it will also include real-life nomads, Linda May, Charlene Swankie, and Bob Wells.

You can check the teaser down below: