5 LGBTQ Romantic Movies To Watch Now- Read Now!

LGBTQ+ poster

Our community is frequently trying to create a healthy environment that can allow everyone to live freely. Somethings influence people even though it doesn’t affect them. One such thing is Love. It happens regardless of color, religion, or sex. The society is still trying to process the fact that people of same-sex can fall in love and get married. Although things are quite stable for developed countries like the USA, other parts of the world are still ignorant to this social problem. Fortunately, movies and books these days help people to know more about gay rights and create positivity among people. LGBTQ+ movies and coming-of-age movies play an essential role to create awareness and educating people from around the world. So, today I will be drafting a list of some of the best LGBTQ movies. The list will contain foreign language (other than English) LGBTQ movies as well.

So, let’s go ahead and dive deep into the article:

1.Moonlight (2016)

Berry Jenkin’s Moonlight, is a coming-of-age drama film that is an absolute game-changer. The story is stunning yet so delicate with its touch. It is an amazing movie that will strike you emotionally leaving you numb for a few minutes. The movie spins around an American-African boy who grows up poor in Maimi. Moreover, he is gay and black. The movie is more about feeling loved when you are at your lowest. Besides, the movie is also a recipient of 3 Academy Awards including ‘Best Picture’.

2. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Call Me By Your Name is an alluring new classic which will make you smile throughout the movie, and will break your heart at the end leaving you in tears. Set in 1983, Italy, a young boy, Elio meets his Dad’s Intern, Oliver, and a bond is formed instantly. The duo falls in love, spends the summer together, and in the end, they part their ways. The beauty of this movie is that it is perfectly balanced and is definitely one of the best cinematic representation of love.

3. Blue Is The Warmest Color (French, 2013) 

Intense Love, Drama, Heartbreak, You will experience while watching this beauty. The story is moving and will surprisingly keep you hooked for 3-hours. The story showcases the life of two women who gets into an emotional and sexual relationship. However, things start to fall down when one of them starts seeing another person. Abdelattif Kechiche’s“Blue Is the Warmest Color”  is a blissful independent movie of a typical loved and lost with strong character portrayals.

4. Kyss Mig (Swedish, 2011)

Kyss Mig is a Swedish independent romance movie in which soon-to-be stepsisters meet at their parent’s engagement and get attracted to each other. The catch is one of them is already engaged to a man. It does have some flaws, but, despite them, it is an enjoyable and cheerful queer movie with a happy ending. The movie will make you realize how hard it is to make decisions when you are in love. Kyss Mig(or Kiss me) is considered one of the better queer movies available out there.

5. Love, Simon (2018)

No matter who you like girls or boys, especially teenagers should watch Love, Simon. It is sweet and will remind you of all classics which suddenly got woke. Love, Simon will definitely influence you if you’re a teen and it is something we never know we needed. The movie revolves around the life of Simon, a teenager who embarks on a journey to identify himslef. It’s a must-watch, so make enjoy it while quarantining at your homes.