LG LG W11: LG has Introduced Three New Model budget Friendly Smartphones

LG W11 Specification and Features
LG W11 Image

LG has launched three new model budget-friendly smartphones in the global market. The company has been developing affordable smartphone devices for the last couple of years, which has gained positive momentum overtime. LG W11, LG W31, and LG W31+ are the three new model smart devices that are being introduced in the real-time market. Based on the device’s initial specification and outer design, it looks like an updated version of the LG W10, W30, and W30 Pro, which got released during the mid of last year. Many new model smartphones are being introduced by LG, which have entered the market space for its dual-screen device by launching their new product. All these new model smartphones are expected to come with the FullVision displays along with that the device also comes with Google voice assistance for accessing information through voice commands.

LG W11 Specification

To improve its role in photography, LG has developed LG W31 and LG W31+ with triple rear cameras. Many smartphone manufacturing companies have improved their photographic experience by embedding multiple cameras dedicated to unique purposes. Along with the hardware specification option, the device also comes with the AI software for removing the noise present in the captured image. All these three new model smartphones developed by the manufacturing company is expected to come with octa-core processors. The basic model LG W11 runs above the android 10 operating system and gets a dual SIM card option. This model is developed to have a 6.52-inch HD+ FullVision display option. The display screen of the device comes with a 20:9 aspect ratio. As a core internal component, the device might come with the octa-core SoC processor, coupled with the 3GB RAM for storing the temporary information.

This model comes with the dual rear camera setup placed behind the top left corner behind the device. Along with the dual-lens, the device gets LED light, which helps the user to capture images even under low lighting conditions. 13-megapixel primary sensor is the high specification camera specification used in the device. The primary shooter of the device also comes with the Detection Autofocus (PDAF) support. As a secondary option, the device gets a 2-megapixel secondary sensor. An 8-megapixel camera sensor placed in front of the device allows the user to capture the selfie image. This feature is most often used for video calling purposes. 32GB of onboard storage is provided with the smartphone capable of storing multimedia files and other important documents. Even though many new software applications are developed to store information over cloud storage, mobile users prefer vital information in their mobile devices for easy retrieval.

LG W11 Specification and Details
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LG W11 Feature

LG has provided an additional option for expanding the device’s internal storage using the external memory card up to 512 GB. The device gets a 4,000mAh battery capacity, which stores sufficient power for keeping the phone alive for long hours. The device’s basic connection is included with the device, which provides more accessibility for another device to get connected. Many smartphone manufacturing companies are continuously investing in developing new model smartphones to meet the current generation demands. The processor embedded in the device comes with the default option to support high bandwidth gaming applications.